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Personal Data:

Chinese names: 戴迈河, 戴戎

Address: National University

College of Letters and Sciences

11255 North Torrey Pines Road

La Jolla, CA 92037-1011


Home Address: 4340 Arizona Street

San Diego, CA 92104-1116

Phone: 858-642-8327 (office)

619-269-4839 (home)

619-851-3941 (mobile)

Email: mday@nu.edu


Skills & Experience:

- Over 20 years teaching experience (Mandarin Chinese language 汉语, modern Chinese literature 中囯現代文學 & English literature, East Asian history and culture, Chinese-English translation, and EFL/ESL.)

- 3 years professional editorial/journalism experience (primarily business and trade)

- 5 years experience as short-course intensive EFL school manager in the UK

- 7 years living in China

- 7 years living in the Czech Republic

- Fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin普通话), basic knowledge of Czech and German


2005 Ph.D. in Chinese Studies from Leiden University, the Netherlands (Prof.

Maghiel van Crevel, advisor; Prof. Michel Hockx, SOAS, outside reader);

official graduation on 4 October 2005.

See: http://research.leidenuniv.nl/index.php3?c=126

1997 TESL Certificate

Vancouver School of English as a Second Language, Canada

1994 Master of Arts Degree, Modern Chinese Literature

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

1985 Bachelor of Arts Degree, Asian Studies/Chinese Language

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

1977 Grade 12 High School Diploma; General Academic Studies

Neah-Kah-Nie High School, Rockaway, Oregon, USA

Work Experience:

Jan. 2007 – present Assistant Professor of Chinese Language & Chinese Studies

National University, San Diego, CA

See: http://www.nu.edu/Academics/Schools/COLS/ArtHum/Degrees/BAChineseStudies.html

Oct, 2003-present Library of the Institute of Chinese Studies, Leiden

University, The Netherlands

- Topical Contributor responsible for Chinese Poetry and Modern Literature in

general for the Digital Archive of Chinese Studies (DACHS), a joint project

between Leiden University, the Netherlands, and the University of Heidelberg,

Germany. See: http://leiden.dachs-archive.org/poetry/

Oct. – Dec. 2007 China Center, Mingda Institute of Leadership Training

290 Humphrey Center, University of Minnesota

301-19th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455

- Part-time instructor (50 classroom hours in Academic Vocabulary, Cross-

Cultural Communication, and Educational Philosophies course for 34

lecturers from various universities in Beijing)

2000-June 2005 Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, Dept. of Sinology

- Lecturer in Modern Chinese Poetry 中国现代诗歌, Advanced Reading in Chinese高级阅读课程毛泽东文选, Chinese-English Translation, Academic English, and editorial work on department publications. See: http://fareast.ff.cuni.cz/lectures/SpecLectArch.html

2005, 03, 02, 01, 00 ACCENT (ACL), Liphook, Hampshire, UK

(6-week EFL courses in UK during July/August)

- Course Director (Management of EFL instructors, program and course development, liaison between foreign student coordinators and ACCENT, tour operators, bus company, etc. )

2000/09-2003/06 Caledonian School, Prague

1997-1999 - Instructor of EFL, Mandarin Chinese

1999/06-09 Pilgrims School of English, Canterbury, Kent, UK

- EFL instructor and teacher-trainer

1997/06-08 Iris Hackl Sprachenschule, Ketsch, Germany

- Instructor of General and Business English for Adults

1996/05-08 University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

1995/05-08 - Chinese Language Lecturer (Intensive program, beginners and

elementary基础汉语; responsible for testing, marking, and

management of two assistants)

1995/09-96/05 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

1994/09-95/05 - Assistant Lecturer: Introduction to East Asian History &

1992/09-93/05 Culture, and 中国现代文学 (Modern Chinese Literature),

responsible for lectures on post-1949 literature, weekly seminars,

testing and marking

1985-1997 CHINA CONNECTIONS Consulting (Partnership), Vancouver

- (part-time) Translation, journalism, specialized language instruction, seminars, & lectures

1992/01-97/05 Teachers’ Tutoring Service, Vancouver, Canada

- (part-time) Instructor of: ESL, (Mandarin) Chinese, Literature and Asian Studies

1990/10-91/10 Standard China Trade, bi-monthly magazine based in Hongkong

- Assistant Editor (managed writers based in the PRC), writer, translator

1989/09-90/09 Xi’an Foreign Languages University 西安外语大学, 陕西省

- Instructor of General English and American & English Literature

1990/02-08 Xi’an Grand Hotel (ACCOR Group), Shaanxi, China

- Director of English Language and European Culture programs

1987/07-88/09 New World Press, Foreign Language Bureau 外文局, Beijing

- Editor, writer, and translator of books on Chinese literature, history, culture, & economy

1986/09-87/07 West South China Sea Oil Corp. Training Center, Zhanjiang 湛江,

Guangdong 广东省, China

- Instructor of General English

1986/05-08 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

- Joint-Lecturer (Intensive Chinese, beginners基础汉语; responsible for

conversational Chinese and listening)

Academic Awards, etc.:

2003-04 CCK Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

1995 Iser Steiman Memorial Scholarship for Translation, U.B.C.

1989 Ph.D. Fellowship, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of

Canada (declined)

1988 U.B.C. Graduate Fellowship

1985 Tina and Morris Wagner Foundation Fellowship, U.B.C.

1982-84 Canada-China Cultural Exchange Scholarship

U. of Shandong 山东大学,Ji’nan 济南市, China (1982-1983)

U. of Nanjing 南京大学, Jiangsu 江苏省, China (1983-1984)

1981-82 Three U.B.C. Undergraduate Scholarships

1976-77, Who’s Who Among American High School Students


List of Publications

Principal Academic Publications & Presentations

1) a paper on the prevalence of and developments in the writing and publishing of classical and new styles of poetry on the Internet in China today, presented on the “Lyricism in Modern East Asian Literatures” panel (chaired by Michelle Yeh) at the Modern Language Association Conference in Chicago, USA, December 28, 2007.

2) The translation of A History of Contemporary Chinese Literature 中国当代文学史by Prof. Hong Zicheng 洪子诚 (Beijing University Press北京 大学出版社, 1999), Brill, 2007 (636 pages). With a “Translator’s Note” and “Glossary of Terms, Organizations, and Periodicals”, “ Bibliography”, “Titles of Works Cited”, and “Index” all unique to the translated version of the text. See: http://www.brill.nl/default.aspx?partid=73&pid=26294

3) a paper on the relationship between the online and paper publishing of poetry in China today, presented at the “Modern Chinese Poetry” session (chaired by Andrea Lingenfelter) at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Conference in Calgary, Canada, October 4, 2007. See: http://rmmla.wsu.edu/conferences/conf07calgary/default.asp

4) <The International Reception of Contemporary Avant-Garde Poetry in China> presented at "Chinese Contemporary Poetry: An Evening of Readings", April 24, 2007, UCLA Faculty Center, UCLA: http://www.international.ucla.edu/showevent.asp?eventid=5810

5) <Online Avant-Garde Poetry in China Today> in the forthcoming New Perspectives on Contemporary Chinese Poetry (Chris Lupke ed., Palgrave Macmillan, 2007) http://www.amazon.ca/New-Perspective-Contemporary-Chinese-Poetry/dp/1403976074/ref=sr_1_4/701-5143725-6888339?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1193606339&sr=1-4 , and a longer version will appear on DACHS later in 2007 at:


This is a version of the paper <Online Poetry and New Cultural Populism

in Contemporary China>, a summary of which was presented by Michelle

Yeh at the AAS Conference in San Francisco 2006 as part of the panel


See: http://www.aasianst.org/absts/2006abst/China/C-175.htm

6) China’s Second World of Poetry: The Sichuan Avant-Garde, 1982-1992. Doctoral Thesis; University of Leiden, the Netherlands; Prof. Maghiel van Crevel, advisor.

Published as an e-book on 4 October 2005 at:


together with scanned details of unofficial journals, photographs, an

anthology of the translated work of 20 avant-garde poets from all of China

selected from the 1982-1992 period, and other materials.

7) <The Born-Again Forest [次生林]: A Preliminary Chapter in the Post-Misty Development of Avant-Garde Poetry in China>: January 2005 issue of Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese, Vol. 6 No. 1., Lingnan University, Hongkong; Prof. Michelle Yeh (U.C., Davis), guest editor: 52-89. See: http://www.library.ln.edu.hk/etext/clt/cljc/cljc6_1.html

8) , a 20-page paper presented at the U. of California, Davis, at the invitation of Prof. Michelle Yeh on June 28, 1995. Published at:


9) China’s Other World of Poetry: Three Underground Poets from Sichuan; 616 pages, M.A. thesis, accompanying translations and original documents; October 1993; available from the U.B.C. Library, Vancouver, Canada, and the University of Heidelberg Sinological Library. The text alone is published at: http://leiden.dachs-archive.org/poetry/previous.html

Relevant translations can be found in the anthology at this site, and bibliographical information can be located in the much-expanded doctoral thesis bibliography.

Other Publications in English etc. (Essays & Translations)

1) Translation of the essay 我喜欢冰> and poem 献给冰块> by Han Dong韩东 in Findings On Ice; Hester Aardse & Astrid van Baalen, ed.; Pars Foundation & Lars Muller Publishers, Amsterdam, Oct. 2007:154-155. http://www.springer.com/west/home?SGWID=4-102-22-173783120-0

2) Translation of the novel Dog Daddy 狗爸爸 by (Zhou) Weihui () 卫慧, the author of Shanghai Baby上海宝贝. Completed translation submitted to author October 19, 2006; due to be published in 2007-2008.

3) Translation of seven poems by Yi Sha伊沙, two for performance and five for a booklet of ten poems, the others translated by Simon Patton and Tao Naikan, for the 38th Poetry International Festival at Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 16-22 June 2007. http://china.poetryinternationalweb.org/piw_cms/cms/cms_module/index.php?obj_id=976

4) Translation of Luo Ying’s骆英 (Huang Nubo黄怒波) Chinese poetry collection Empty Glasses and an Empty Table空杯与空桌, a translators preface, and the translation of a critical essay by Tang Xiaodu唐晓渡; Dorrance Publishing, Pittsburgh, April 2007. http://www.dorrancebookstore.com/emglandemta.html

5) Translations of 12 poems by Han Dong 韩东, done together with Prof. Maghiel van Crevel of the U. of Leiden, in booklet form for the 37th Poetry International Festival at Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 17-23 June 2006. http://www.poetry.nl/read/53/poet/id/42382

6) The and the contribution of translations of poetry by Zhai Yongming翟永明, Wang Xiaoni王小妮, Lü De’an吕德安, Han Dong韩东, Chen Dongdong陈东东, Xiao Kaiyu肖开愚, Ouyang Jianghe欧阳江河, and Yu Jian于坚 in the forthcoming anthology The Drunken Boat, with a shorter version published in an associated journal and online, edited by Inara Cedrins, USA-Latvia (see: http://www.thedrunkenboat.com/chinafeature.html ). Other contributors of essays and translated poetry include Prof. Michelle Yeh (for the print anthology) and Prof. Maghiel van Crevel.

7) (pp. 56-58), the translation of 漏洞百出的灵魂监狱必将坍塌 互联网与中国言论自由的未来> by Liu Xiaobo 刘晓波 (pp. 10-11), and the translation of the Bai Hua 柏桦poem 现实> (p. 57) in the The Liberal; London, UK; Issue VII, February / March 2006. http://www.theliberal.co.uk/back_issues/#

8) Translations of poetry by Lin Hengtai林亨泰, Zheng Jiongming郑炯明 & Zhan Che詹澈 in Sailing to Formosa: A Poetic Companion to Taiwan航向福尔摩莎:诗想台湾; editors: Michelle Yeh奚密, Xu Huizhi许悔之, and M.G.D. Malmqvist; UNITAS: Taipei, Taiwan and University of Washington Press: Seattle & London, 2005. http://www.washington.edu/uwpress/search/books/YEHSAI.html

9) <čínsky psaná literatura (A Survey of Major Events in PRC Poetry 2004)> with Olga Lomova, Lucie Kellnerova, and Zuzana Li; published in Czech in Revolver Revue, Prague, Czech Republic, August 2005, No. 4 (Also at: http://fareast.ff.cuni.cz/PORTRETY/ol/clan/iLiteratura04.htm ). Publication in English of the portion written by M. Day at: http://leiden.dachs-archive.org/poetry/review.html (A 2005 edition can also be found here.)

10) (A Selection of Chinese poetry, Part I [an

introductory essay]) in Literární Noviny (Literary News) [a weekly

newspaper], Prague, 21 August 2003, No. 30: 14. (Poems by Huang

Xiang黄翔, Ya Mo哑默, Shizhi食指, Duoduo多多, and Yu Jian于坚, translated by Lucie Kalvachova, one of my Modern Chinese poetry class students at Charles U., Prague.) http://fareast.ff.cuni.cz/PORTRETY/ol/clan/LtN/LK%5CIntro1.htm

11) (A Selection of Chinese poetry, Part II [an

introductory essay]) in Literární Noviny (Literary News), Prague, 28

August 2003, No. 31: 14. (Poems by Hu Dong胡冬, Xiao Kaiyu肖开愚,

Chen Dongdong陈东东, Zhai Yongming翟永明, Lu Yimin陆忆敏, and

Wang Xiaoni王小妮, translated by Lucie Kalvachova, one of my Modern

Chinese poetry class students at Charles U., Prague.)


12) (Liao Yiwu廖亦武: Dissent on the

Internet) in Literární Noviny (Literary News), Prague, 24 February 2003,

No. 9: 11. http://fareast.ff.cuni.cz/lectures/HmRghts/LiaoYiwu.htm

13) Translations of: 乌鸦>, 在公园里> and 北站> poetry by Xiao Kaiyu肖开愚, a Sichuan poet, in Leviathan Quarterly, No. 4, June 2002: Lichfield, UK: 26-28.

14) A 30-page booklet Xiao Kaiyu, containing 9 of this poet’s poems,

published by the 33rd Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam, the

Netherlands, June 2002.


15) <Únik do světa literatury a politická angažovanost> (Escape to the world

of literature and political engagement) in Literární Noviny (Literary

News), Prague, 23 May 2001, No. 21: 7.

16) Translations of 5 poems by Lin Ling 林泠(pp. 239-244) and 5 poems by

Zhang Cuo 张错(pp. 279-284) in Frontier Taiwan: An Anthology of

Modern Chinese Poetry, edited by Michelle Yeh 溪密 and M.G.D.

Malmqvist, NY: Columbia University Press, 2001.


17) The City of Death, introduction to and translation of

死成> and 3 shorter poems by the Sichuan poet Liao Yiwu 廖亦武,

published by Spectacular Diseases, Peterborough, UK, 2000. (34 pages)

18) 中文系>, poetry by the Sichuan poet Li Yawei

李亚伟 (pp.12-15), and 对一支乌鸦的命名>

and 啤酒瓶盖> poetry by Yu Jian 于坚(pp. 40-47), in

The Temple, Vol. 2, No. 4, Fall 1998: Walla Walla, Washington, USA.


19) 在燕子矶> and 新诗话> poetry by Chen Dongdong 陈东东in The Temple, Vol. 2, No. 3, Summer 1998: Walla Walla, Washington, USA: 40-41, 44-45. http://www.poetsencyclopedia.com/templemag.shtml

20) 描红练习> short fiction by Han Dong

in PRISM International, 36.3, Spring 1998, Vancouver, Canada: 54-65.


21) 罗伯特 喀吧>, 重要的事情>,

Whitman 哗儿特 惠特曼>, 与诗人伯濑一夕谈> poetry by Wang Yin 王寅in PRISM International, 36.3, Spring 1998, Vancouver, Canada: 50-53.


22) The Songs of Geese … or of the travellings of men, translations of

Chinese poetry and an introduction to the Beijing poet Hei Dachun 黑大春, published by Spectacular Diseases, Peterborough, UK, 1996. (30 pages)


23) 白马>, poetry by Wang Xiaoni 王小妮, in yefief No. 3,

January 1996, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA: 37.

24) 我有了一把扫帚>, 黑房间>, and

噩梦>, poetry by the Sichuan poetess Zhai Yongming 翟永明 in PRISM International, 34.1, Fall 1995, Vancouver, Canada: 65-67.


25) , a comment piece in

The New Pacific (quarterly magazine), Vancouver, Canada: Fall 1992: 36-39.

26) Vancouver’s Asian Banking Bonanza>, in The New

Pacific, Vancouver, Canada: Fall 1992: 41-44.

27) Vancouver law firms in China>, in The New

Pacific, Vancouver, Canada: Fall 1992: 45-48.

28) 屠杀> (essay about and translation of this 1989 poem by Liao 廖亦武), in SONOMA MANDALA Literary Review, Sonoma State University, California, USA: Fall 1992: 48-55.

29) 屠杀> (poem by Liao Yiwu 廖亦武), in PEN International:

Bulletin of Selected Books, London, UK: Vol. XLII, No. 2, 1992: 92-

94. http://www.internationalpen.org.uk/index.php?pid=56

30) (anonymous version of 屠杀> by Liao Yiwu

亦武) in New Ghosts, Old Dreams: Chinese Rebel Voices, edited by

Geremie Barmé & Linda Javin, New York: Random House Inc., 1991: 100-105. http://www.amazon.com/New-Ghosts-Dreams-Geremie-Barme/dp/0812919270/ref=sr_1_11/104-5722416-8931945?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1193601609&sr=1-11

31) The Stream of Life>, by Hong Feng 洪峰 (pp. 63-75), and , by Chen Jiangong 陈建功 (pp. 268-294), translations of Chinese fiction in Worlds of Modern Chinese Fiction: Short Stories & Novellas from the People’s Republic, Taiwan and Hongkong, Dr. Michael S. Duke ed., New York: M.E. Sharpe Inc., 1991. http://www.amazon.com/Worlds-Modern-Chinese-Fiction-Novellas/dp/0873327586

32) , in Standard China

Trade (SCT; a bi-monthly magazine), Hongkong: December 1991, No. 6: 30-34.

33) , in SCT, HK:

October 1991, No. 5: 54-60.

34) , SCT, HK: June 1991,

No. 4: 46-52.

35) <Shanghai: A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes?>, SCT, HK: April 1991,

No. 2: 16-20.

36) , SCT, HK: February

1991, No. 1: 16-20.

37) <China Reassesses Trade Controls>, SCT, HK: February, No. 1, 1991:


Published Translations into Chinese

1) yefief, Santa Fe, New Mexico, distributed in China and the USA, 1997. Editor and co-translator, with Tang Xiaodu 唐晓渡 in Beijing, of yefief No. 3. (yefief is a journal of new poetry and literary essays.)

2) Death> 廖亦武在死城中 by Michael Day 戴迈河 in Critiques of Death> 死城的批评, an unofficially published book, edited by Liao Yiwu, Chengdu 成都, 1995: 127-138, (an adaptation of the chapter on Liao in M.A. thesis.) at http://leiden.dachs-archive.org/poetry/liaoyiwu.html

— Also in the unofficial poetry journal Explosion 爆炸 2003 issue # 3,

edited by Zhang Jie 张杰, published in Henan province, Pingding

Mountain 河南省平顶山: 220-226. See: http://bbs.poemlife.com:1863/forum/add.jsp?forumID=32&msgID=2147483496&page=99

3) Ariel 艾里尔, by Sylvia Plath, published by Author Publishing House 作家出版社, Beijing, China 1994. (Co-translated with Tang Xiaodu 唐晓渡)

4) 误会>, a one-act play by Vaclav Havel, published in Tendency 倾向: New York/Shanghai, No. 2/3, 1994, pp. 256-261. (With Tang Xiaodu 唐晓渡) See: http://www.hcclib.net/online/76/017.htm

Publications in Chinese 中文

1) <第三代与当代中国诗歌> (The ‘Third Generation’ and contemporary

Chinese poetry), in 动向 (Tendency: a monthly news magazine), 香港Hongkong: December 1990: 72-73.

2) <中国文学在海外的读者为什么寥寥无几> (Why Chinese literature has so few overseas readers), in 华人世界文学 (Chinese World Literature; a bi-monthly literary journal), 北京Beijing: January 1989, No. 1: 120-124.

3) <文化, 文学 四人谈> (A four-way discussion on culture and literature),

in作家文学月刊 (Author literary monthly), 长春Changchun: January

1989, No. 1: 74-80. (With Liu Xiaobo 刘晓波, Zhou Duo 周舵 and Zong

Renfa 宗仁发.)

4) <美国电影‘大班’在国内的反应> (Reactions to the American movie

in China), in 深圳青年报 (Shenzhen Youth Daily), Shenzhen:

January 5, 1987: 4.

English-language Editing of Translated Texts*

1) Re-Carving the Dragon: Understanding Chinese Poetics, Studia Orientalia Pragensia XXIII, edited by Prof. Olga Lomova. ( A collection of essays presented at a conference on Chinese aesthetics at Charles U., Prague, in 2001.) Prague: The Karolinum Press, 2003.

2) My Sister CHINA by Jaroslav Průšek ( a memoir of his stay in China

1932-34, first published in Czech, 1940), Prague: The Karolinum Press,

2002. See: http://www.coronetbooks.com/books/m/mysi4868.htm

3) Orientalia Pragensia XIV, Acta Universitatie Carolinae, Philologica I,

2001. Edited by Olga Lomova. Prague: The Karolinum Press, 2002.

(A collection of essays on Asian languages, literature and history.)

* This work was part of my duties at Charles University in Prague.

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