Yi Sha 伊沙 poetry translations

Six Poems by Yi Sha 伊沙

Translated by Michael M. Day (June 2007)

The Chinese Sense of Reality Comes from an Unimaginably Powerful Actuality


The necessary connection’s found

The necessary cash doled out

But the friend’s loan

Is yet to be granted

The reason’s quickly uncovered

The bird sent to the bank manager

Was two hours late

Burning with impatience

He’d taken Viagra

And his golden gun wouldn’t fall

Just bluntly sticking out there

A burning desire

Idly wasting away

Dry wood and a raging flame

Ultimately reduced to a single shot

And a fury

That can only be resolved by revenge

And so nothing was done

“Just because of this?”

“Just because of this!”

The friend’s calm

Makes me ashamed

Of my shock

As a writer

I’m ignorant of reality

And if I write it as it is

Afraid even more ignorant readers

Will shout “beat the fraud”

Portrait of a Scandinavian Poet (一个北欧诗人的画像)


His bearing when he sings is that of an Italian

When he drinks he’s physically gone and mentally there like a Russian alky

Yet he’s pure Aryan

An out-and-out Swedish poet

Occasionally—but only occasionally

He’s had notions of moving to Norway

The salary this neighboring land pays writers

Is ten times that of his


It’s said he’s the number three poet in Sweden

That in his prime

His portrait was everywhere

On the walls of the Metro in Stockholm

This spring, he came to Kunming

And in a rooftop Chinese garden

He issues a warning to Chinese colleagues

“Beware Romanticism”

He says: “I’m a bit pessimistic about Chinese poetry”

But quickly adds: “Two three years ago”


The day of recitations at the poetry festival

He spends reclining in a hotel room

Conserving energy as he reverently awaits

The arrival of the rite of a poet’s life

At dusk in a mini-van on its way to the venue

He treats everyone to cocktails

Decocted from strawberry juice and Chinese spirits

Of course he drinks the most

That evening the recital is well received

And that night

His efforts to get us into a bar

Get no response


The next day at breakfast

In the notepad of the female group-leader

He draws the lifelike figure of a female nude

We feel immediate relief

So! He wants some of that

After thinking it through all night

A slapdash Chinese poetry critic surmises

“It’s a metaphor—he wants bread”

Later we finally figure it out

He wanted coffee and the companion too


I’m arranged to be at an outside venue

Following the leisurely notes of an ancient zither

During my recital in the “Collection Among the Flowers”[1] teahouse

His performance in the audience

Especially catches the eye

He grins like an idiot

His look when not smiling

Also over the top

When he asks for a book of my poetry

I’ve just given away the last copy


A well-intentioned older Chinese lady

Notices he doesn’t change shirts during the week

He’ll first go to Thailand on the way back to Sweden

Leading to knowing laughs from the men

On that last night

I don’t even have time to say goodbye

He seems like a phantom

As he slips into an outside bar

And I see no more of him

But now I remember

The night we stayed at the Stone Forest

While he hovered

Over a pretty Thai girl flirtatious as a snake

He’d also seemed something of a ghost

Refused a Visa at the US Embassy


The entire morning

A hundred people crowd into a smallish hall

As if crammed into the hold of a border-running boat

Among those languishing in boredom awaiting a visa

A pretty student of ballet

Becomes the greatest beauty spot in the place

Before seeing the consular officer

I’m already a bit hollowed out

As I see among those who’ve received visas

There’re practically no healthy young men

Just the two

An oldster with his wife

And a midget who doesn’t come up to the window

The US is scared

Really scared

Now they’re frightened of men

Wah-kao! This bearded official

Who looks more like a Muslim

More of a terrorist

Than me

Without a moment’s hesitation

Resolutely rejects my application

Could this be one orangutan begrudging another

At a glance espying a deep-seated

Ill-will in my eyes

Immigration threats

Exhibit such signs

So, the Tang Dynasty’s Li Bai wants to emigrate to Persia

Don’t you crack fucking international jokes with me

As I stalk off

The pretty student of ballet

Is rejected by a black woman at another window

And she’s really happy like a duckling straining to fly

Leaving the place chirping for joy

Somebody in the line makes the proper determination

“For sure her parents were making her go to America……”

The Melancholy of Vietnam



Rain strikes plantains

I see no tears fall

Only these wet still-lifes

Left behind

Vietnam is melancholy


Late at night

In a movie by Chen Yingxiong

I discover

A melancholy Vietnam

Remembering the rain falling

On the screens of the black-and-white films

Deep in my memory


In a long poem I once wrote:

“Is war truly romantic

She looks good posing with the gun

As if playing a harp”


Writing about a Vietnamese beauty

Who saddens me


I want to verify the melancholy

Of Vietnam with a friend

Who’s been to Vietnam

But I just think about it

My friend

Is not melancholic

But the crux of it is he’s

Not a person capable of sensing sorrow


Speaking of “south of the clouds”[2]

Vietnam is the south of this south of the clouds

It’s the frontier of the land of clouds

And beneath the clouds

A great river rushes to the sea


Some have taken this as a metaphor

For a moist vagina

The beauty of it is: America

This cock that pokes into everything

Suffered a rupture here

And since then this self-important man

Suffers serious sexual dysfunction

Like Ernest Hemingway


How could I dare belittle

The men here

Only using their militia to leave so many

Of my compatriots in graves on hillside after hillside[3]

That was entirely down to us

I’m not saying “a righteous army is bound to win”

I want to say: A melancholy man

Is the bravest soldier


Vietnam is melancholy

Rain strikes plantains

I see no tears fall

Only these wet still-lifes

Left behind

The Death of Arafat


“I’m fed up with this seeming immortal

who looks like a leper

who as soon as he makes an appearance

is a guarantee of chaos in Palestine and Israel

Dead, not dead, waiting to die

On the night the definitive news of Arafat’s death

Finally came through from Paris

I thought of an old friend

A few years earlier

On a private occasion

Discussing with me

Views and feelings about this political figure

And the opinions of this friend—

Were without standpoint

Without illumination

Without conscience

Without sympathy




Without lungs

And are remembered by me over ten years later

Only because they were imbued by

A resonance aroused by

A true sense of reality

And the exceptional vibrancy of his language

(as a poet

isn’t this the sort of

language I seek)

The remains of Arafat

Are shipped to his homeland and interred

All I can do is

Dig out these words stockpiled in the brain

And bury them in a flowerpot on my sundeck

Stutterer (结结巴巴)

St- st- stuttering my mouth

A sec- sec- second-class disability

Can’t get teeth into my wh- wh- wildly racing thoughts

Or my legs

You all sl- sl- slobber everyplace

Dispersing a moldy smell

Mm- mm- my lungs

So overworked

I want to br- br- break through

Your in- in- inexplicable


Is in urgent need of a breakthrough

Mm- mm- my

My words

Sp- sp- spit out like a machine gun

Are greatly gratifying

St- st- stuttering my life

Nn- nn- no ghosts in my life

You lo- lo- look at me

A look that says I’ve nothing to say

[1] The oldest extant anthology of classical song lyrics, compiled by the Five Dynasties poet Ouyang Jiong (896-971), a resident of Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

[2] A reference to the province of Yunnan, the name of which also translates as “south of the clouds”.

[3] A reference to the PRC’s 1979 military incursion into northern Vietnam.


China's Second World of Poetry (Unofficial Journal List & Timeline)

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Sichuan Unofficial Journal List, including scanned copies of Tables of Contents and Covers (pending), and List of Major Sichuan Avant-garde Poets and the Journals their work can be found in (digitally scanned copies will be available in a later e-book format) 次生林 (The Born-Again Forest), 1982, 108 pages; (Chengdu) CSL edited by Zhong Ming钟鸣. 第三代人 (The Third Generation), 1983; (Chengdu) TG edited by Zhao Ye赵野, Beiwang北望, Tang Yaping唐亚平, Hu Xiaobo胡晓波, & Deng Xiang邓翔. 莽汉:未定诗稿 (Macho Men: Unsolicited Poetry Manuscripts), 1985, 50 MH pages; (Nanchong & Chengdu) edited by Wan Xia万夏. (Also several mimeographed individual poetry collections.) 现代诗内部交流资料 (Modernists Federation), 1985, 78 pages; (Chengdu) MF edited by Wan Xia万夏, Yang Li杨黎, Zhao Ye赵野, Song Wei宋炜, Hu Dong胡冬, Shi Guanghua石光华 , & Wang Gu王谷. 日日新 (Day By Day Make It New), 1985, 34 pages; (Chongqing) RRX edited by Bai Hua柏桦 & Zhou Zhongling周忠陵. 中国当代实验诗 (Chinese Contemporary Experimental Poetry), 1985, 79 pages; (Fuling) ZDS edited by Yang Shunli杨顺礼, Lei Mingchu雷鸣雏, and Liao Yiwu廖亦武. 非非:Feifei Poetical Works and Poetics, 1986 (80 p.) , 1987 (140 p.), 1988 (150 p.), FF 1988 (146 p.), 1992 (150 p.), 1993 (198 p.); and 非非评论 [Feifei Critique](newspaper format, 4 p.), 1986 & 1987; (Xichang & Chengdu) FFPL editor-in-chief: Zhou Lunyou周伦佑. 汉诗:二十世纪编年史 (Han Poetry), 1986 (122 p.) & 1988 ( 130 p.); (Chengdu) HS edited by Shi Guanghua石光华, Song Qu宋渠, Song Wei宋炜, Wan Xia万夏, Liu Taiheng刘太亨 , & Zhang Yu张渝. 巴蜀现代诗群 (Modern Poetry Groups of Ba and Shu), 1987, 112 pages; (Fuling) BXS edited by Liao Yiwu廖亦武. 红旗 (The Red Flag), 1987-1989, 4 issues, 20-44 pages; (Chongqing) HQ edited by Fu Wei傅维 & Sun Wenbo孙文波. 女子诗报 (The Woman’s Poetry Paper), 1988-1990, 1994, 4 issues, 4 pages; (Xichang) NZSB edited by Xiaoyin晓音. 象罔 (Image Puzzle), 1990-1992 a total of 12 issues, between 12-90 pages each; XW (Chengdu), edited by Zhong Ming钟鸣, Zhao Ye赵野, Xiang Yixian向以鲜, and Chen Zihong陈子弘. 反对 (Against), 1990-1993 a total of 14 issues, between 11-52 pages each; (Chengdu) FD edited by Xiao Kaiyu肖开愚. 九十年代 (The Nineties), 1989-1993 a total of 4 issues, between 108-126 pages each; JN (Chengdu), edited by Xiao Kaiyu肖开愚 & Sun Wenbo孙文波. 非非诗歌稿件集 (Not-Not Poetry Manuscript Collection), 1990-1991 a total of 2 issues, FF2 142 pages each; (Chengdu) edited by Lan Ma蓝马, Yang Li杨黎, Shang Zhongmin尚仲敏, He Xiaozhu 何小竹, & Li Xiaobin李晓彬. 写作间 (Writer’s Workshop), 1990-1991, 2 issues, 50 pages; (Chongqing) XZJ edited by Fu Wei 付维 & Zhong Shan 钟山. List of Major Sichuan Avant-garde Poets and the Journals their work can be found in. Bai Hua柏桦: CSL, RRX, MF, ZDS, HS, HQ, FF, BXS, XW, JN. Chen Xiaofan陈小繁: MF, FF, FF2, BXS. Er Mao二毛: ZDS, FF, BXS. He Xiaozhu何小竹: ZDS, FF, FF2, BXS. Hu Dong胡冬: MF, MH. Lan Ma蓝马: FF, FFPL, FF2, BXS. Li Yawei李亚伟: MF, ZDS, FF, HS, MH, BXS. Liao Yiwu廖亦武: MF, ZDS, HS, BXS. Liu Tao刘涛: MF, ZDS, FF, FF2, BXS. Ma Song马松: MF, ZDS, MH. Ouyang Jianghe欧阳江河: CSL, RRX, MF, ZDS, HS, BXS, FD, JN. Shang Zhongmin尚仲敏: FF, FFPL, FF2. Shi Guanghua石光华: MF, ZDS, HS, XW, FD. Song Wei & Song Qu宋炜 宋渠: MF, ZDS, HS, BXS. Sun Wenbo孙文波: MF, HS, HQ, BXS, FD, JN. Wan Xia万夏: MF, ZDS, HS, FF, MH, BXS, HQ, JN. Xiao An小安: FF, FF2. Xiao Kaiyu肖开愚: HS, FD, JN. Yang Li杨黎: MF, ZDS, HS, FF, FFPL, FF2, BXS. Yang Yuanhong杨远宏: MF, ZDS, FF, BXS. Zhai Yongming翟永明: CSL, MF, HS, FF, BXS, XW, JN. Zhang Zao张枣: RRX, MF, ZDS, MF, HS, HQ, XW. Zhao Ye赵野: TG, MF, HS, HQ, XW. Zhong Ming钟鸣: CSL, MF, XW, JN. Zhou Lunyou周伦佑: MF, ZDS, HS, FF, FFPL, BXS. A TIMELINE FOR CHINESE POETRY (Limited to materials referred to in this text and focused on Sichuan unofficial poetry developments, for the post-Mao era, until 1993. Information relevant to poetry in bold type.) 2100 – 1600 B.C.E. Xia 夏 Dynasty 1600 – 1100 B.C.E. Shang 商 Dynasty 1100 – 771 B.C.E. Western Zhou 西周 Dynasty Book of Songs 诗经 collected (305 poems, or songs) Book of Changes易经 compiled 770 – 256 B.C.E. Eastern Zhou东周 Dynasty 770 – 476 B.C.E. Spring and Autumn春秋 Period Confucius 孔子, said to have compiled the Book of Songs and the Book of Changes Laozi 老子 475 – 221 B.C.E. Warring States战国 Period Qu Yuan屈原 – First Named Poet Zhuangzi 庄子 221 – 207 B.C.E. Qin 秦 Dynasty 206 B.C.E. – 220 Han汉 Dynasty 206 B.C.E. – C.E. 23 Western Han西汉 25 – 220 Eastern Han东汉 220 – 280 Three Kingdoms 三国 265 – 316 Western Jin 西晋 Dynasty 317 – 420 Eastern Jin东晋 Dynasty Tao Yuanming陶渊明 420 – 581 Northern and Southern Dynasties南北朝 Period (4 in the North, 5 in the South) 581 – 618 Sui隋 Dynasty 618 – 907 Tang 唐 Dynasty Li Bai李白 and Du Fu杜甫 907 – 960 Five Dynasties五代 Period 960 – 1127 Northern Song北宋 Dynasty Su Dongpo苏东坡 and Li Qingzhao李清照 1127 – 1279 Southern Song南宋 Dynasty 916 – 1125 Liao 辽 Dynasty (in the North) 1115 – 1234 Jin 金 Dynasty (in the North) 1271 – 1368 Yuan 元 Dynasty (Mongol rule) 1368 – 1644 Ming 明 Dynasty 1644 – 1911 Qing清 Dynasty (Manchu rule) 1912 – 1949 Republic of China 中华民国 1915-1921: New Culture Movement. New Youth新青年 magazine founded in 1915, publishes first New Poetry in 1917. Hu Shi胡适 publishes first New Poetry collection, Experiments 尝试集 (1919). 1919: May Fourth Movement. Goddesses女神 by Guo Moruo郭沫若published in 1921. Poetry collections of Bing Xin冰心 published in 1923. First collection of Symbolist poetry by Li Jinfa李金发 published in 1925. 1927: Civil War between CCP and Nationalists begins. 1931: Japanese occupation of Manchuria 1937: Japan begins to invade eastern and southern China. Mao Zedong’s “Talks at Yan’an on Literature and the Arts” in May 1942, and thought reform campaign against critical leftist writers. 1945: Surrender of Japan. The Nine Leaves 九叶派poets begin publishing modernist verse in 1946. 1948: CCP thought reform drive against the Hu Feng胡风 group of leftist writers. 1949: Civil War ends, Nationalists flee to Taiwan. 1949 – People’s Republic of China 中华人民共和国 1954-1955: Thought reform campaigns against Hu Feng and others. 1957-1958: Anti-Rightist Campaign against critical intellectuals. 1958-1959: The Great Leap Forward push toward communism, which led to the deaths of tens of millions through famine between 1959-1962. 1963: Socialist Education Campaign – large numbers of intellectuals sent to the countryside for thought reform. 1966-1969: Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution – universities and literary journals closed, nationwide attacks on rightist intellectuals. 1969-1976: Rule of the Gang of Four and ultra-leftist cultural policies. 1976: Death of Zhou Enlai and the April Fifth Movement, followed by the death of Mao and the fall of the Gang of Four. 1978-1979: Democracy Wall and the Beijing Spring – Crackdown from 1 April 1979. Deng Xiaoping takes power from Hua Guofeng (Mao’s anointed heir) and introduces The Four Basic Principles (upholding CCP rule), while denouncing liberalization. Today今天 founded in December 1978, banned in September 1980. by Bei Dao北岛 published in March 1979 issue of Poetry诗刊. Aug. 1980: An article in Poetry denounces Misty poetry and a polemic begins in official literary publications. Unofficial university student poetry conference in Chongqing in 1982. Publication of The Born-Again Forest 次生林 in Chengdu at same time. Publication of The Third Generation 第三代人 in Chengdu in 1983. Oct. 1983: A campaign against Misty and New Tide poetry begins at an official poetry conference in Chongqing. At the same time, Deng Xiaoping calls for the elimination of Spiritual Pollution. Bei Dao, Gu Cheng, Yang Lian, and Xu Jingya are among writers singled out for criticism. Establishment of the Macho Men 莽汉 poetry group in Nanchong in early 1984. Sichuan Young Poets Association四川省青年诗人协会 established in Chengdu in November 1984. Dec. 1984: The National Writers Association is allowed to freely elect its president (Ba Jin). Jan. 1985: CCP secretary-general Hu Yaobang denounces “radical leftist nonsense” of preferring “socialist weeds to capitalist seedlings,” and Hu Qili speaks of allowing creative freedom. Publication of Modernists Federation现代诗内部交流资料, Day By Day Make It New日日新, and Chinese Contemporary Experimental Poetry中国当代实验诗歌 in 1985. Publication of Not-Not非非 #1 and Han Poetry汉诗 #1 in 1986. Dec. 1986: After a crackdown on free university student association elections, student demonstrations for democracy and freedom begin in Hefei, spread to Chongqing, Kunming, and Shenzhen, and then to Tianjin, Nanjing, and Beijing. Jan. 1987: Hu Yaobang is forced to resign, followed by cultural crackdown and a national campaign to learn the spirit of self-sacrifice from the Cultural Revolution model soldier Lei Feng. A new state agency is established to control all publications and press and oversee distribution of all supplies needed in printing. Feb. 1987: The combined Jan-Feb. issue of People’s Literature 人民文学 is recalled, the work of the novelist Ma Jian 马建 and poets Yi Lei伊蕾 and Liao Yiwu廖亦武 are criticized in a subsequent national campaign against bourgeois liberalization in culture. Publication of Modern Poetry Groups of Ba and Shu巴蜀现代诗群 (edited by Liao), Not-Not 非非 #2 and The Red Flag 红旗 #1 in 1987. Nov. 1987: Zhao Ziyang made CCP secretary-general, removal of top hard-line conservatives from CCP politburo, renewed emphasis on economic reforms and stability. Publication of Not-Not 非非 #3 & 4 and Han Poetry 汉诗 #2 in 1988. Publication of The Woman’s Poetry Paper女子诗报 #1 in 1989. Apr. 1989: Hu Yaobang dies; in Beijing university student demonstrations at his death turn to calls for free speech, democracy, and against CCP corruption. Other sectors of society participate, and demonstrations spread throughout the country. Jun. 1989: Bloody suppression of peaceful mass protests in Beijing and Chengdu on June 3-4; Zhao Ziyang forced to resign. Liao Yiwu writes Parts 3 & 4 of in Fuling on the morning of June Fourth, later in the day tapes dramatic reading of the poem. Zhou Lunyou周伦佑 arrested in Xichang in August 1989. Publication of Image Puzzle 象罔 #1, The Nineties 九十年代 #1 in late 1989. Publication of Against 反对 #1 in early 1990. Liao Yiwu and several other poets arrested in March 1990 for avant-garde poetry video commemorating the dead of June Fourth 1989. Publication of Not-Not Poetry Manuscript Collection非非诗歌稿件集 #1 and The Writer’s Workshop写作间 #1 in 1990. Publication of Modern Han Poetry现代汉诗 #1 in Beijing in 1991. Jan. 1992: Deng Xiaoping’s Trip to the South to reinvigorate economic reforms; but collapse of the Soviet Union means continued cultural repression into 1993. Publication of Not-Not 非非 #5 in 1992, and #6-7 in 1993. Official publication of Collected Post-Misty Poems: A Chronicle of Chinese Modern Poetry后朦胧诗全集:中国现代编年史 in August 1993.

China's Second World of Poetry (Bibliographies)

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Official Publications of Sichuan Poets Poetry and related writings officially published in China or overseas, or appearing on the Internet. These materials consist of poems written during the period covered by this study, some of which may not have been first published until a later date, and recently published articles, books, and collections containing relevant material. (Sichuan poets’ names, groups, and relevant terms in bold type. Secondary dates in parentheses with on-line listings are those on which the author accessed and printed said items.) 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A Victim]。香港:今天文学杂志,1991第 3-4期。(诗歌) (1992a)。〈夏天,呵,夏天;纪念朱湘〉[Summer, Hey, Summer; In Memory of Zhu Xiang]。香港:今天文学杂志,1992第1期。 (诗歌) (1992b)。〈谈诗歌中的事件〉[Talking of Incidents in Poetry]。香港:今天 文学杂志1992第1期。(文论)Also at: (17/1/2003) http://www4.cca.gov.tw/poem/poem-02s-02s-01.asp?cno=15537 (1992c)。〈没有遮掩没有栏杆;草原也已死去〉[No Cover No Railing; The Prairie is Dead Too]。成都:星星诗刊1992第7期。(诗 歌) (1994a)。〈万夏:1980-1990宿疾与农事〉[Wan Xia: 1980-1990 Chronic Complaints and Agricultural Matters]。Cambridge, Mass.:倾向 文学杂志1994总第2期。(文论) (1994b)。〈想念大胡子〉[Remembering the Beard]。广州:作品文学月刊 1994第10期。(诗歌) (1995)。〈河湾边的阿依古丽〉[Ayiguli at the River Bend]。北京:诗刊 1996第10期。(诗歌) (1996a)。〈左边—毛泽东时代的抒情诗人〉[The Left Side – Lyric Poets of the Mao Zedong Era]。拉萨:西藏文学双月 刊连载1996第 1,2,3,4,5期。(文艺禄) (1996b)。〈棉花之歌;春之歌〉[Song of Cotton; Song of Spring]。上海: 上海文学月刊1996第3期。(诗歌) (1999)。望气的人[A Man Who Watches the Air]。台北:唐山出版社。(诗 集) (2001)。〈走了,就走了一点点〉[If You’re Going, Go Just a Little]。(文 论)(13/1/2003) http://limitpoem.online.cq.cn/jxwk/jxwk-sxzj13.htm (2002a)。〈柏桦访谈录:小诗中有乾坤〉[An Interview with Bai Hua: There’s a Universe in Short Poems]。(6/12/2002) http://newyouth.beidao-online.com/data.php3?db=wenxue&id=0719ma07 (2002b)。〈柏桦谈另一个人的生死观:死如酒〉[Bai Hua Talks About Another Person’s Views on Life and Death: Death Like Wine]。 (21/1/2003) http://newyouth.beida-online.com/data/data.php3?db=wenxue&id=xx0101 (2002c)。〈夏天还很远;等〉[Summer’s Still Far Away; 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Girl of Huian; Heaven]。成都:星星诗刊1992第2期。(诗 歌) Guo Liuhong 郭留红 (1989)。〈在温暖的土坝上〉[On a Warm Earth Dam]。上海:上海文学月 刊1989第3期。(组诗5首)。 Gou Mingjun苟明君 (1985)。〈书生;蜜月;生活;听雨〉[The Student; Honeymoon; Life; Listen to the Rain]。涪陵:巴国文风半年文学刊1985第2期。 (组诗) Gou Mingjun苟明君 (1986a)。〈阁楼;疯人;印象;雨天;病室〉[A Garret; A Madman; Impressions; A Rainy Day; The Sickroom]。涪陵:巴国文风半 年文学刊1986第2期。(诗歌) (1986b)。〈空气;书生;蜜月;生活;听雨〉[Air; The Student; Honeymoon; Life; Listen to the Rain]。北京:中国文学月刊 1986第10期。(组诗) Gou Mingjun 苟明君, Liao Yiwu 廖亦武, Ba Tie 巴铁, Li Yawei 李亚伟 (1989)。〈先锋诗歌四人谈〉[A Four-way Conversation on Avant-garde Poetry]。长春:作家文学月刊,第7期1989。 He Xiaozhu 何小竹 (1984)。〈安子〉[Ann]。兰州:飞天文学月刊1984第5期。(诗歌) (1985a)。〈牌局;一种语言;大红袍〉[A Game of Cards; A Kind of Language; A Big Red Robe]。涪陵:巴国文风年文学刊1985 第1期(创刊号)。(诗歌) (1985b)。〈草鱼;菖蒲;寺;老语〉[Grass Carp; Bulrushes; A Temple; Old Words]。涪陵:巴国文风半年文学刊1985第2期。(高原 城:组诗) (1986a)。〈蛮鱼;野麦〉[Fierce Fish; Wild Wheat]。涪陵:巴国文风半年 文学刊1986第1期。(诗歌) (1986b)。〈鬼城〉[City of Ghosts]。胡和霍特:草原文学月刊1986第2 期。(组诗) (1986c)。〈草神;羊皮鼓;桑之水;黑森林;黑米;挽歌〉[The God of Grass; A Goat-skin Drum; The Water of Mourning; A Black Forest; Black Rice; A Dirge]。北京:人民文学月刊1986第9期。(诗 歌) (1986d)。〈一种语言〉[A Kind of Language]。北京:中国文学月刊1986 第10期。(组诗) (1987a)。〈古歌〉[An Ancient Song]。胡和霍特:草原文学月刊1987第2 期。(组诗) (1987b)。〈鬼城〉[City of Ghosts]。长春:作家文学月刊1987第2期。 (组诗) (1987c)。〈静坐;旅行;暗藏煤油;最后的梦境〉[Meditative Sitting; Travel; Hidden Kerosene; The Final Dreamscape]。辽源:关东文 学月刊1987第6期。(诗歌) (1988a)。〈鬼城之二〉[City of Ghosts No. 2]。达县:巴山文学月刊1988 第3期。(组诗4首) (1988b)。〈无物;大师〉[No Thing; A Great Master]。北京:诗刊1988第 10期。(诗歌) (1988c)。〈节日〉[Holidays]。胡和霍特:草原文学月刊1988第10期。 (诗歌) He Xiaozhu 何小竹 (1990)。〈永恒的光芒;西藏;早安,高更〉[The Radiance of Eternity; Tibet; Good Morning, Gauguin]。拉萨:西藏文学双月刊1990第 5期。(诗歌) (1991)。〈羊的话;鱼的话;芭茅的话〉[The Language of Sheep; The Language of Fish; The Language of Cogon grass]。成都:星星诗 刊1991第1期。(第马着的幻想:组诗3首) (1992a)。〈雪的乡村;雪中电报〉[Village of Snow; A Telegram in the Snow]。成都:星星诗刊1992第2期。(诗歌) (1992b)。〈内心的言辞〉[Words from the Heart]。成都:四川文学月刊 1992第6期。(组诗4首) (1992c)。〈有些泥泞,有些草梗;在田家喝茶〉[Some Mud, Some Stalks of Grass; Drinking Tea in the Fields]。成都:星星诗刊1992第7 期。(诗歌) (1993)。〈做梦;爬上来的〉[Dreaming; Climbing Up]。成都:星星诗刊 1993第9期。(诗歌) (1996a)。〈我试着用平常的语言;做爱;色达草原;少女巧巧;在跑马溜 溜山上;川戏;机器喳喳叫;狄安娜;纸〉[I’m Trying to Use Normal Language; Making Love; Seda Prairie; The Girl Qiaoqiao; On a Mountain Where the Horses are Always Racing; Sichuan Opera; The Cries of Machinery; Diana; Paper]。拉萨:西藏文学 双月刊1996第1期。(诗歌) (1996b)。〈梦见苹果和鱼的安;葬礼上看见那只红公鸡的安;捉蚂蚁的 人;一种语言;菖蒲;草;高谷的树;乡村墓园;我要栽一棵 棕树;仍然是我;4474航班;堆积阳光;在翠湖公园;圆通 寺;在昆明听张宇光谈西藏;爬上来的〉[Ann Who Dreams of Apples and Fish; Ann Who Saw a Rooster at a Funeral; People Who Catch Ants; A Kind of Language; Bulrushes; Grass; Trees in an Elevated Valley; A Graveyard in the Countryside; I Want to Plant a Palm Tree; It’s Still Me; Flight 4474; Stocking Sunlight; At Cui Lake Park; The Yuantong Temple; Listening to Zhang Yuguang Talk About Tibet in Kunming; Climbing Up]。长春: 作家文学月刊1996第1期。(诗歌) (1996c)。〈我试着用平常的语言(1993)〉[I’m Trying to Use Normal Language]。上海:上海文学月刊1996第3期。(诗歌) (1996d)。〈写诗的乐趣〉[The Joy of Writing Poetry]。成都:星星诗刊 1996第11期。(文论) (1996e)。〈在成都与诗友谈论李白;梅花还是菊花;山羊;马与马栅〉 [Discussing Li Bai with Poetry Friends in Chengdu; Plum Blossoms or Chrysanthemums; A Mountain Goat; The Horse and the Hitching Post]。成都:星星诗刊1996第12期。(诗歌) (1997a)。〈我与‘非非’〉[Me and Not-Not]。 (文论)(5/10/2002) He Xiaozhu 何小竹 http://huaqiu.our263.com/cgi-bin (1997b)。〈我与非非〉[Me and Not-Not]。台北:今天文学杂志1998第3 期。(文论) (2000)。〈八十年代的阅读〉[Reading in the Eighties]。(文论) (22/10/2002) http://www.poemlife.com/PoetColumn/hexiaozhu (2001)。〈非非资料(1)〉[Not-Not Materials]。(文论)(20/11/2002) http://wxz.our263.com/cgi-bin/index.dll?page5?webid (2001)。〈潘金莲回忆录〉[The Memoirs of Pan Jinlian (the Golden Lotus)]。(小说/回忆录)(10/3/2003) http://huaqiu.www76.cn4e.com/shi/shigao/xz/panjinlian/1.html (2002a)。〈加法与减法—诗集‘六个动词,或苹果’自序〉[Addition and Subtraction – Preface to the Poetry Collection Six Verbs, Or An Apple]。(18/12/2002) http://huaqiu.www76.cn4e.com/shi/hexiaozhu.htm (2002b)。〈刘涛诗歌印象及点评〉[Impressions and Critiques of Liu Tao’s Poetry]。(文论)(6/5/2003) http://www.koopee.com/home/hexiaozhu/qt08.htm (2002c)。6个动词,或苹果 [Six Verbs, Or An Apple]。石家庄:河北教育出 版社。(诗集) (2002d)。〈何小竹访谈/小郭〉[An Interview with He Xiaozhu]。 (13/11/2002) http://www.tamen.net/magazine/002/1-3-8.htm (2003)。〈话说杨黎〉[Speaking of Yang Li]。(文论)(1/10/2003) http://www.koopee.com/home/hexiaozhu/qt05.htm (2004)。〈一边是灿,一边是烂〉(评杨黎的《灿烂》)[On One Hand Splendid, On The Other Extreme (A Critique of Yang Li’s Splendor)]。(10/5/2004) http://my.clubhi.com/bbs/660845/messages/60804.html Hong Ying 虹影 (1991)。〈如何变成鱼的;桥梁;黑暗;瞬刻〉[How to Become a Fish; Bridges; Darkness; An Instant]。香港:今天文学杂志,1991第 3-4期。(诗歌) (1995a)。〈恶习;三洞;轮盘赌;黑蜘蛛;玩物;厌恶〉[Bad Habits; Three Caves; Roulette; A Black Spider; A Toy; Disgust]。广州: 花城文学双月刊1995第2期。(诗歌) (1995b)。〈回去;尾声;太阳落下的房子;旧木场〉[Return; Coda; A House of which the Sun Sets; An Old Lumber Yard]。成都:星 星诗刊1995第9期。(诗歌) (1999)。快跑,月食 [Run Quick, Lunar Eclipse]。台北:唐山出版社。 (诗集) (2002)。〈我为我的爱人写作〉[I Write For My Partner]。(访谈录/张涛) (17/12/2003) http://asp.6to23.com/nzsb Hu Dong胡冬 (1992a)。〈诗人之歌;圣诞节的黎明;H•D;折多三章〉[The Song of the Poet; Christmas Dawn; H.D.; Lots of Twists (3 poems)]。香 港:今天文学杂志1992第3期。(诗歌) (1992b)。〈阴沉的春天(1988/5);夜的蜗牛篇(1992/9);练习 (1987/7)〉[An Overcast Spring; Snails at Night; Exercise]。香 港:今天文学杂志1992第4期。(诗歌) (1993)。〈赤橙黄绿青蓝紫,等〉[Red Orange Yellow Green Black Blue Purple]。香港:今天文学杂志1993第4期。(诗歌) (1995)。〈海底两万里;引诱一个女子;鲁迅之死;黑耶稣〉[Twenty Thousand Leagues at the Bottom of the Sea; Seducing a Girl; The Death of Lu Xun; Black Jesus]。拉萨:西臧文学双月刊1995第 3期。(诗歌) Jimulangge 吉木狼格 (1986)。〈出门〉[Leaving Home]。深圳:深圳青年报1986年10月21 日。(诗歌) (1993)。〈天花乱坠〉[A Fall of Flowers from Heaven]。成都:星星诗刊 1993第11期。(诗歌) (1997)。〈我与非非〉[Me and Not-Not]。台北:今天文学杂志1998第3 期。(文论) (2002a)。静悄悄的左轮 [The Silent Revolver]。石家庄:河北教育出版社。 (诗集) (2002b)。〈《静悄悄的左轮》自序〉[Preface to The Silent Revolver]。 (10/4/2002) http://www.tamen.net/subject.001.htm Jing Xiaodong 敬晓东 (1986)。〈空白〉[A Blank]。成都:星星诗刊1986第2期。(诗歌) (1987)。〈远眺大山的影子是美丽的〉Gazing at Mountains in the Distance is Beautiful]。北京:诗刊1987第8期。(诗歌) (1988)。〈面向自己〉[Facing Myself]。成都:星星诗刊1988第4期。 (文论) (1990)。〈双重人格;美与我的界限;夫妻感情;梅;家庭中度过的日 子〉[Split Personality; The Border Between Beauty and Me; Spousal Feeling; Plums; Days Passed at Home]。北京:人民文学 月刊1990第4期。(诗歌) Lan Ma 蓝马 (1986)。〈环形树〉An Annular Tree]。深圳:深圳青年报1986年10月21 日。(诗歌) (1990a)。〈可能的果园;少年之脸;雨季之二〉[A Possible Orchard; The Face of Youth; Rainy Season The Second]。成都:星星诗刊 1990第3期。(诗歌) (1990b)。〈白杨,白杨;谁是枫叶,谁是松枝〉[Poplar, Poplar; Who’s a Lan Ma 蓝马 Maple Leaf, Who a Pine Needle]。拉萨:西藏文学双月刊1990 第5期。(诗歌) (1993a)。〈什么东西才不是梦;无垠的北方;芳香〉[So What is a Dream; The Limitless North; Fragrance]。香港:今天文学杂志1993第 3期。(诗歌) (1993b)。〈九月的情绪:纯洁;惊喜;晚风;在雪山上;献给我一朵美丽 的花;田野〉[A September Mood; Purity; Surprise; On a Snowy Mountain; Give Me a Pretty Flower; Open Country]。成都:星星 诗刊1993第9期。(组诗) Li Jing李静 (1983)。〈菊儿;紫罗兰〉[Chrysanthemums; Violets]。成都:星星诗刊 1983第1期。(诗歌) Li Yawei 李亚伟 (1985)。〈穷途〉[Endless Road]。涪陵:巴国文风1985半年文学刊第1 期(创刊号)。(诗歌) (1986a)。〈盲虎;困兽〉[The Blind Tiger; The Cornered Beast]。涪陵:巴 国文风半年文学刊1986第1期。(诗歌) (1986b)。〈硬汉们〉[Hard Men]。辽源:关东文学月刊1986第4期。 (诗歌) (1986c)。〈中文系〉[The Chinese Department]。合肥:诗歌报1986,10 月21日。(诗歌) (1986d)。〈莽汉宣言〉[The Macho Man Manifesto]。合肥:诗歌报1986, 10月21日。(文论) (1986e)。〈困兽〉[The Cornered Beast]。北京:中国文学月刊1986第10 期。(诗歌) (1986f)。〈苏东坡和他的朋友们〉[Su Dongpo and His Friends]。成都:星 星诗刊1986第11期。(诗歌) (1984,1986)。〈莽汉信件〉[Macho Man Letters]。(万夏,马松,郭力 家,二毛,胡玉,李亚伟)(20/11/2002) http://xwz.our263.com/cgi-bin/index.dll?page5?webid   (1987a)。〈高尔基经过吉依别克镇;十八岁;友情;旅行照片〉[Gorky Passes Through Jiyibieke Town; Eighteen; Friendship; Tourist Pictures]。长春:作家文学月刊1987第2期。(诗歌) (1987b)。〈酒之路;夜酌;回家;古代朋友〉[The Road of Liquor; Night Drinking; Return Home; An Ancient Friend]。辽源:关东文学月 刊1987第4期。(诗歌) (1987c)。〈在黄昏;世界拥挤;五月八号日记;庭院之中;南方的日 子〉[At Sunset; Crowded World; May 8 Diary Entry; In the Courtyard; Southern Days]。辽源:关东文学月刊1987第6 期。(诗歌) Li Yawei 李亚伟 (1987d)。〈莽汉手段—莽汉诗歌回顾〉[Macho Man Methods – A Retrospective of Macho Man Poetry]。辽源:关东文学月刊 1987第6期。(文论) (1988a)。〈岛;陆地〉[Island; Land]。辽源:关东文学月刊1988第4 期。(诗歌) (1988d)。〈我对诗的一些看法〉[Some of My Views on Poetry]。辽源:关 东文学1988第4期。(文论) (1988c)。〈峡谷酒店:世界拥挤;夜酌;酒聊;酒眠;酒店;我站着的时 候;回家〉[Inn in the Valley; Crowded World; Night Drinking; Words in Drink; Drunken Sleep; The Inn; While I was Standing; Return Home]。长春: 作家文学月刊1988第4期。(组诗) (1989a)。〈河:界;客;塔;驿〉[The River: Boundaries; A Guest; A Pagoda; A Post Horse]。上海:上海文学月刊1989第3期。 (组诗,1988) (1989b)。〈狂朋;怪侣;美人;战争〉[Crazy Friends; Strange Companion; The Beauty; War]。广州:花城文学双月刊1989第4期。(诗 歌) (1989c)。〈第三届(1987-1988)“作家诗歌奖”获奖者的话〉[The Third “Author Poetry Prize” Winner’s Words]。长春:作家文学月刊 1989第7期。(文论) (1989d)。〈美女和宝马;妖花;夏日的红枣;东渡;梦边的死;深杯;远 海;渡船;好色;饿的诗;醉酒;血路;破碎的女子〉[The Beauty and the Precious Horse; A Bewitching Flower; The Red Date of Summer; Eastern Crossing; Death on the Edge of Dreams; Deep Cups; Distant Seas; The Ferry; Good Sex; Poem of Hunger; Drunk on Wine; Blood Road; A Shattered Woman]。长春:作家 文学月刊1989第7期。(诗歌) (1990a)。〈破碎的女人;小美人;远海;异乡女子;内心的花纹〉[A Shattered Woman; A Little Beauty; Distant Seas; A Girl From Elsewhere; Figures of the Heart]。广州:花城文学双月刊1990 第1期。(诗歌) (1990b)。〈一个女孩可能像这样离开我们〉[A Girl Would Probably Leave Us Like This]。广州:花城文学双月刊1990第1期。(散文) (1992a)。〈我们(1989/9)〉[We]。香港:今天文学杂志1992第1期。 (诗歌) (1992b)。〈流浪途中的‘莽汉主义’〉[“Macho Man-ism” on a Vagrant Path]。(文论)(20/11/2002) http://xwz.our263.com/cgi-bin/index.dll?page5?webid (1994a)。〈我们;秋收;大酒;天山叙事曲;自我〉[We; Autumn Harvest; Big Booze; Ballade of Tianshan Mountain; Self]。长春:作家文 学月刊1994第2期。(诗歌) Li Yawei 李亚伟 (1994b)。〈怀念〉[Cherished Memory]。北京:诗刊1994第9期。(诗 歌) (1996a)。〈英雄与泼皮〉[Heroes and Toughs]。天津:诗探索1996第2 期。(文论) (1996b)。〈狂朋;美人;红色岁月(18首)〉[Wild Friends; The Beauty; The Red Years]。长春:作家文学月刊1996第3期。(诗歌) ed. (2001)。莽汉主义诗歌 [Macho Man-ism Poetry]。四川。(网上图书) (9/11/2002) http://www.xhere.net/wenzi/shige/manghan/index.htm) (2002)。〈路不够走,女人不够用来爱〉[Not Enough Roads to Walk, Not Enough Women to Love]。(文论)(11/5/2003) http://www.52911.com/adult/woman/2002-06/090.htm (2003a)。〈天上,人间〉[In Heaven, On Earth]。(文论)(20/10/2003) http://www.poemlife.net/Wenku/wenku.asp?vNewsId=714 (2003b)。〈李亚伟访谈录/杨黎〉[An Interview with Li Yawei]。(10/6/2003) http://www.poemlife.net/Wenku/wenku.asp?vNewsId=545 Li Yawei 李亚伟, Gou Mingjun 苟明君, Liao Yiwu 廖亦武, Ba Tie 巴铁 (1989)。〈先锋诗歌四人谈〉[A Four-way Conversation on Avant-garde Poetry]。长春:作家文学月刊,第7期1989。 Li Yao 李瑶 (1986)。〈私奔〉[Elopement]。成都:星星诗刊1986第11期。(诗歌) Li Zhengguang 黎正光 (1986)。〈夏雪;草甸〉[Summer Snow; Pasture Land]。成都:星星诗刊 1986第3期。(诗歌) Liao Yiwu 廖亦武 (1982)。〈约;啊!挖笋的人〉[The Date; A! Bamboo Shoot Diggers]。成 都:四川文学月刊1982第9期.(诗歌) (1983a)。〈我和儿子站在岸上〉[I and My Son Stand on the Riverbank]。 成 都: 四川文学月刊1983第1期。(诗歌) (1983b)。〈祖国:儿子们的年代〉[Ancestral Land: The Age of the Sons]。 成都:星星诗刊1983第4期。(组诗) (1983c)。〈悼一位诗人〉[Mourning a Poet]。昆明: 山泉文学月刊 1983第 5期。(诗歌) (1984a)。〈最后一次〉[The Last Time]。北京:诗刊1984第2期。(诗 歌) (1984b)。 〈大盆地;大高原;老人;神秘树〉[The Great Basin; The Great High Plateau; An Old Man; Tree of Mystery]。 北京: 诗刊 1984 第8期。(诗歌) (1985a) 。〈曼纽尔的音乐之一〉[Emmanuelle’s Music #1]。涪陵:巴国文 风半年文学刊1985第1期。(创刊号)。(散文) (1985b)。〈曼纽尔的音乐之二〉[Emmanuelle’s Music #2]。涪陵:巴国文 风半年文学刊1985第2期。(散文) Liao Yiwu 廖亦武 (1985c)。〈人民〉[The People]。北京:诗刊1985第6期。(诗歌) (Arafat 阿拉法特)(1986a)。〈巴蜀现代主义思潮〉[The Thought Tide of Modernism in Ba and Shu]。合肥:诗报,总第47期。 (文论) (1986b)。〈曼纽尔的音乐之二〉[Emmanuelle’s Music #2]。福州:诗, 1986第1期。(散文) (1986c)。〈大循环/上〉[The Great Cycle (Part 1)]。 胡和霍特:草原文学 月刊1986第2期.(诗歌) (1986d)。 〈“现代史诗性”质疑—谨以此文就教谢冕老师〉[Calling into Question “The Nature of Modern Epic Poetry” – with this essay respectfully asking the advice of Teacher Xie Mian]。成都:星 星诗刊1986第4期。(文论)   (1986e)。〈在两个梦境之间;我们还原于世界;神交〉[Between Two Dreamscapes; We Return to the World; Mystical Intercourse]。北 京:中国文学月刊1986第6期.(散文诗) (1986f)。〈异乡,橄榄或三毛之歌〉[A Song of a Different Land, Olives or San Mao]。成都:星星诗刊1986第7期。(散文) (1986g)。〈贡嘎拉高原〉[The Gonggala Plateau]。北京:青年文学月刊 1986第7期。(诗歌)   (1986h)。〈大循环/下〉[The Great Cycle (Part 2)]。胡和霍特:草原文学 月刊1986第10期。(诗歌)   (1986i)。〈情侣〉[Lovers]。北京:中国文学月刊1986第10期。(诗 歌) (1986j)。〈新的传统〉[The New Tradition]。北京:中国文学月刊1986第 10期。(文论)    (1986k)。〈情侣〉[Lovers]。合肥:诗歌报1986,10月21日。(诗歌) (1986l)。〈新传统主义宣言〉[New Traditionalism Manifesto]。合肥:诗 歌报1986,10月21日。(文论) (1987a)。〈爱的梦;睡眠;深入〉[Dream of Love; Sleep; Deep Entry]。北 京:诗刊1987第1期。(散文诗歌) (1987b)。〈死城〉[The City of Death]。北京:人民文学月刊1987第1-2 期。(长诗) (1988)。〈深夜,母亲活肖邦奏鸣曲〉[Late Night, Mother or a Chopin Sonata]。成都:星星诗刊1988第6期。(诗歌) (1989a)。〈黄城〉[The City of Yellow]。长春:作家文学月刊1989第2 期。(长诗) (1989b)。〈长廊〉[The Long Corridor]。上海:上海文学1989第3期。 (散文诗8首,1985) (1989c)。〈大盆地,我的保姆〉[The Great Basin, My Nanny]。北京:诗刊 1989第3期。(诗歌) Liao Yiwu 廖亦武 (1989d)。〈某月某日〉[A Day in a Month]。北京:人民文学月刊1989第 5期。(散文) (1989e)。〈作家影集:廖亦武〉[Photos of an Author: Liao Yiwu]。长春: 作家文学月刊1989年第9期。(10张照片) (1989f)。〈曼纽尔的音乐之八〉[Emmanuelle’s Music #8]。长春:作家文 学月刊1989年第9期。(散文) (1990)。〈吹笛者〉[The Flutist]。北京:诗刊1990第4期。(诗歌)  (1994a)。〈蔑视〉[A Show of Contempt]。Cambridge: 倾向文学杂志1994 总第3-4期。(文论) (1994b)。〈我是一切天才的反面〉[I am the Opposite of all Genius]。香 港:开放杂志1994第6期。(散文8章) (1994c)。〈世界上没有不撒谎的孩子〉[There Are No Children In The World Who Don’t Lie]。北京:北京文学月刊1994第12期。 (散文10章) (1995a)。〈安魂〉[Requiem for Souls]。Cambridge: 倾向1995总第5期。 (长诗) (1995b)。〈美丽与死亡—献给飞飞,愿她的灵魂快乐:辞;遇;叶;海; 界,病;亡〉Beauty and Death—For Fei-fei, Hoping Her Soul is Happy: Departure; Encounter; Leaves; The Sea; Boundaries; Illness; Death]。北京:北京文学月刊1995第5期。(散文 诗) (1996a)。〈我是一切天才的反面〉[I am the Opposite of all Genius]。香 港:开放杂志1996第6期。(散文诗抄) (1996b)。〈完整的黑暗〉[Total Darkness]。沈阳:鸭绿江文学月刊1996 第10期。(散文) (1996c)。〈巨匠:第四部〉[The Master Craftsman: Part 4]。沈阳:鸭绿江 文学月刊1996第11期。(长诗) (1998)。〈活法;隐痛;狱中除夕〉[A Way of Living; Secret Pain; New Year’s Even in Prison]。台北:今天文学杂志1998第1期。 (诗歌) ed.(1999)。沉沦的圣殿:中国20世纪70年代地下诗歌遗照 [The Sunken Temple: Remaining Snapshots of Underground Poetry in the 1970s in China]。乌鲁木齐:新疆青少年出版社。 (2004)。证词 —为中国底层贱民代言 [Living Testimonies – Stories of People Behind the Bars in China]。New York:明镜出版社。(This is a version of Liao’s 天劫:活下去 第四部 [Catastrophe: Go On Living Part 4, 2002。) Liao Yiwu 廖亦武, Peng Linxu 彭林绪, ed. 巴国文风 [The Literary Wind of Ba Country](文学半年刊创刊号, 第2期 1985,第3,4 期 1986)。 四川涪陵地区文化馆。 Liao Yiwu 廖亦武, Gou Mingjun 苟明君, Ba Tie 巴铁, Li Yawei 李亚伟 (1989)。〈先锋诗歌四人谈〉[A Four-way Conversation on Avant-garde Poetry]。长春:作家文学月刊,第7期1989。 Liu Tao 刘涛 (1986)。〈音符『5』〉[Music Note 『5』]。成都:星星诗刊1986第11 期。(诗歌) (1988a)。〈影子;又是绿灯;晶体;造访者〉[The Reflection; Another Green Light; Crystal; The Visitor]。辽源:关东文学月刊1988第 2期。(诗歌) (1988b)。〈又是绿灯;外婆的痣;沉淀物〉[Another Green Light; Grandmother’s Mole; Sediment]。长春:作家文学月刊1988第 4期。(诗歌) (1988c)。〈手写体〉[Hand-Written Form]。辽源:关东文学月刊1988第4 期。(组诗6首) (1988d)。〈沉淀物;外婆的痣;正面〉[Sediment; Grandmother’s Mole; A Facade]。成都:星星诗刊1988第 7期。(诗歌) (1989a)。〈‘女性诗歌’笔谈〉[A Written Conversation on “Women’s Poetry”]。北京:诗刊1989第6期。(文论) (1989b)。〈向南方与北方飞去;是谁坐在其中;叶这个女子〉[Fly to the North and the South; Who’s Sitting Amid it All; This Woman Ye]。北京:人民文学月刊1989第11期。(诗歌) (1993)。〈献诗;五月和十月;音乐〉[Gift of Poetry; May and October; Music]。拉萨:西藏文学双月刊1993第2期。(诗歌) (1995a)。〈赞美;芳香的山;小女孩;结合;去爱〉[Praise; Fragrant Hills; Little Girl; Coming Together; Go Love]。拉萨:西藏文学双月 刊1995第5期。(诗歌) (1995b)。〈圣心;我们的母亲;一篮子玫瑰花〉[Sacred Heart; Our Mother; A Basket of Roses]。成都:星星诗刊1995第9期。(诗歌) Ma Song 马松 (1986-1990)。〈亡;想;杀进夏天;醉;约;远;游戏;日日飘;垮;欢 乐;花;好时光;光阴在风编的字典上下班;儿语〉 [Death; Thought; Rush Into Summer; Drunk; Date; Distance; Games; Drift On Day By Day; Collapse; Joy; Flowers; Good Times; Time Goes Off Shift on the Dictionary Written by Wind; Children’s Talk]。(诗歌)(2/7/2003) http://www.xiangpi.net/web/xf/xzwk/ReadNews.asp?NewsID=155 (1987)。〈杀进夏天〉[Rush Into Summer]。辽源:关东文学月刊1987第6 期。(诗歌) (1988a)。〈在冬天〉[In Winter]。辽源:关东文学月刊1988第4期。(诗 歌) (1988b)。〈美姑汉子〉[Beautiful Girls and Men]。成都:星星诗刊1988第 6期。(诗歌) Ma Song 马松 (1989)。〈情诗选章〉[Selections of Love Poems]。广州:花城文学双月刊 1989第4期。(诗歌) (1991a)。〈好时光;欢乐;想;他;约;游戏;儿语;花;远〉[Good Times; Joy; Thought; Him; Date; Games; Children’s Talk; Flowers; Distance]。长春:作家文学月刊1991第7期。(诗歌) (1991b)。〈劳动的人〉[Working People]。成都:星星诗刊1991第8期。 (诗歌) Ouyang Jianghe欧阳江河 (1982)。〈石佛〉[Stone Buddha]。北京:人民文学月刊1982第9期。 (诗歌) (1983)。〈履历〉[Curriculum Vitae]。贵州:山泉文学月刊1983第5期。 (诗歌) (1985)。〈喷泉;话语;你也会〉[A Fountain; Language; You Can Too]。 北京:人民文学1985第8期。(诗歌) (1986a)。〈夏天傍晚;母亲和我〉[A Summer Evening; Mother and I]。北 京:诗刊1986第1期。(诗歌) (1986b)。〈群山上的云;水墨的空白;阳光;我得重听贝多芬;白桦〉。 [Clouds Over the Mountains; The Emptiness of Ink Wash; I Must Listen Again to Beethoven; White Birch]. 胡和霍特:草原文学 月刊1986第2期。(诗歌) (1986c)。〈交谈;室内;雨滴;月光〉[A Chat; In the Room; Raindrops; Moonlight]。北京:诗刊1986第7期。(诗歌) (1986d)。〈悬棺:第三章—袖珍花园〉[The Suspended Coffin: Part 3 A Pocket-size Flower Garden]。北京:中国文学月刊1986第10 期。(长诗) (1986e)。〈少女之死〉[Death of a Young Girl]。深圳:深圳青年报1986 年10月21日。(诗歌) (1986f)。〈日暮远足〉[The Day is Waning the Road is Long。深圳:深圳 青年报1986年10月24日。(诗歌) (1986g)。〈插曲〉[Interlude]。星星诗刊1986第11期。(诗歌) (1987)。〈汉英之间;玻璃工厂〉[Between Chinese and English; The Glass Factory]。北京:诗刊1987第11期。(诗歌) (1988a)。〈也谈口语诗〉[More On Colloquial-language Poetry]。合肥:诗 歌报 1988年3月6日, 总第84期。(文论) (1988b)。〈从三点视点看今日中国诗坛〉[Looking at China’s Poetry Scene from Three Points of View]。北京:诗刊 1988第6期。(文 论) (1988c)。〈整个天空都是海水;风暴在内心存留下去最刺骨的火焰是海 水;孩子的海多么简单〉[The Entire Sky is Seawater; The Most Piercing Flame Left in the Heart by the Storm is Seawater; The Sea Ouyang Jianghe欧阳江河 of a Child is so Simple]。成都:星星诗刊1988第7期。(诗 歌) (1988d)。〈公开的独白;手枪;纸上的秋天;鱼变〉[A Public Monologue; The Handgun; Autumn on Paper; The Transformation of a Fish]。 北京:诗刊1988第8期。(诗歌) (1988e)。〈金斯伯格之恋〉[A Love of Ginsberg]。西安:长安文学月刊 1988第10期。(诗歌) (1989a)。〈智慧的骷髅之舞;邓南遮的金鱼;一天;我们〉[The Dance of the Skeleton of Wisdom; The Goldfish of Deng Nanzhe; All Day; Us]。长春:作家文学月刊1989第2期。(诗歌) (1989b)。〈最后的幻像:草莓;花瓶,月亮;落日;黑鸦;蝴蝶;玫瑰; 雏菊;彗星;秋天;初雪;老人;书卷〉[The Final Mirage: A Strawberry; Flower Vase, Moon; Sunset; Blackbirds; Butterflies; Roses; Chrysanthemum Buds; Comets; Autumn; First Snow; Oldsters; Books]。北京:人民文学月刊1989第11期。(组 诗) (1991)。〈墨水瓶;豹微〉[A Bottle of Ink; The Mark of the Leopard]。成 都:星星诗刊1991第5 期。(诗歌) (1992a)。〈墨水瓶〉[A Bottle of Ink]。香港:今天文学杂志1992第1 期。(诗歌) (1992b)。〈拒绝;春天;晚餐;梨子〉[Refusal; Spring; Dinner]。香港: 今天文学杂志1992第3期。(诗歌) (1992c)。〈阅览室〉[The Reading Room]。香港:今天文学杂志1992第4 期。(组诗) (1993a)。〈星期日的钥匙;电梯中;秋天,听已故女大提琴家Du Pre演 奏;白日美人〉[The Key to Sunday; In an Elevator; Autumn; Listening to the Cello Player Du Pre Play; A Daytime Beauty]。台 北:今天文学杂志1993第2期。(诗歌) (1993b)。〈89后国内诗歌写作—本土气质,中年特征与知识分子身 份〉[Post-’89 Poetry Writing in China – Native Land Qualities, Middle Age Characteristics, and the Status of the Intellectual]。台 北:今天文学杂志1993第3期。(文论) (1993c)。〈关于市场经济的虚构笔记;3首〉[Fictional Notes on the Market Economy]。台北:今天文学杂志1993第3期。(诗歌) (1993d)。〈另一种阅读〉[Another Kind of Reading]。台北:今天文学杂志 1993第4期。(文论) (1993e)。〈空中小站;白日美人〉[A Station in the Air; A Daytime Beauty]。广州:花城文学双月刊1993第5期。(诗歌) (1994)。〈纸币,硬币〉[Cash, Change]。台北:今天文学杂志1994第2 期。(组诗2首) Ouyang Jianghe欧阳江河 (1995a)。〈哈姆雷特;豹微;异乡人的故乡〉[Hamlet; The Mark of the Leopard; The Homeland of an Alien]。台北:今天文学杂1995 第1期。(诗歌) (1995b)。〈我们的睡眠,我们的饥饿〉[Our Sleep, Our Hunger]。台北:今 天文学杂志1995第2期。(组诗13首) (1995c)。〈读北岛近作《旧地》〉[Reading Bei Dao’s Recent Work ]。台北:今天文学杂志1995第3期。(文论) (1995d)。〈风筝火鸟;哈姆雷特;去雅典的鞋子;男高音的春天〉[A Firebird Kite; Hamlet; Shoes Going to Athens; The Spring of a Tenor]。北京:人民文学月刊1995第8期。(诗歌) (1997a)。〈深度时间:通过倒置的望远镜〉[Deep Time: Through an Inverted Telescope]。(文论)(17/1/2003) http://www4.cca.gov.tw/poem/poem-02s-02s-01.asp?cno=15511 (1997b)。谁去谁留 [Who Goes Who Remains]。长沙:湖南文艺出版社。 (诗歌/文论集) (2001)。站在虚构这边 [Standing on This Side of Fabrication]。北京:三联 书店。(文论集) (2002)。〈世界这样,诗歌却那样〉[The World is This Way, But Poetry is That]。(文论)(6/12/2002) http://www.poemlife.com/Wenku/wenku.asp?vNewsId=262 Pan Jiazhu 潘家柱, Yang Yuanhong 杨远宏(1989)。〈废墟,战斗,诗何为—从 几位四川诗人的作品开始〉[Ruins, Battles, What’s Poetry Doing – Starting From the Work of Some Sichuan Poets](廖亦武,李亚 伟,翟永明,宋渠-宋炜,二毛,雨田,郭留红,钟鸣,欧阳 江河)。上海:上海文学月刊1989第9期。(文论) San Lang (Pan Jiazhu) 三郎(潘家柱) (1988)。〈口语化:当代诗探索的双重迷误〉[Colloquialization: The Double Error of Contemporary Poetical Exploration]。 合肥:诗歌 报 1988年3月6日,总第84期。 Shang Zhongmin 尚仲敏 (1985)。〈临考之前〉[Just Before the Test]。兰州:飞天文学月刊1985第 4期。(诗歌) (1986a)。〈我在等一个人 想不起她的名字〉[I’m Waiting for Someone, Can’t Think of Her Name]。北京:诗刊1986第7期。(诗 歌) (1986b)。〈黄土地:父亲;这条路〉[Yellow Earth; Father; This Road]。昆 明:山花文学月刊1986第9期。(组诗选2首) (1986c)。〈桥牌名将邓小平〉[Famous Bridge General Deng Xiaoping]。北 京:诗刊1986第10期。(诗歌) (1986d)。〈门;卡尔•马克思〉[Doors; Karl Marx]。深圳:深圳青年报 Shang Zhongmin 尚仲敏 1986年10月23日。(诗歌) (1986e)。〈大学生诗派宣言〉[University Student Poetry School Manifesto]。深圳:深圳青年报1986年10月23日。(文论) (1986f)。〈关于大学生诗报的出版及其它〉[About the University Student Poetry Paper’s Publication and Other Things]。深圳:深圳青年 报1986年10月24日。(诗歌) (1986g)。〈桥牌名将邓小平;人到中年〉[Famous Bridge General Deng Xiaoping; At Middle Age]。昆明:山花文学月刊1986第11 期。(诗歌) (1987a)。〈月儿弯弯照高楼〉[A Bent Moon Shines on a Tall Building]。辽 源:关东文学月刊1987第4期。(诗歌) (1987b)。〈宗教;小品;生活〉[Religion; An Essay; Live]。辽源:关东文 学月刊1987第6期。(诗歌) (1988a)。〈现状;生命;面庞;形势〉[A Current Situation; Life; A Visage; Circumstances]。辽源:关东文学月刊1988第4期。(诗歌) (1988b)。〈从A到J:我的几点想法〉[From A to J: A Few Thoughts of Mine]。辽源:关东文学月刊1988第4期。 (文论) (1988c)。〈门〉[Doors]。北京:名作欣赏双月刊1988第4期。(诗歌) (1988d)。〈歌唱〉[Singing]。成都:星星诗刊1988第7期。(诗歌) (1988e)。〈四月;生日;生命;等待;杜甫〉[April; Birthday; Life; Waiting; Du Fu]。北京: 人民文学月刊1988第9期。(诗歌) (1988f)。〈现状;读书;生命;歌唱〉[A Current Situation; Studying; Life; Singing]。胡和霍特: 草原文学月刊1988第9期。(诗歌) (1990)。〈我的鸟儿〉[My Bird]。 成都:星星诗刊1990第1期。(诗 歌) (1991a)。〈召唤;老虎〉[The Summons; The Tiger]。拉萨:西藏文学双月 刊1991第1期。(诗歌) (1991b)。〈程宝林诗歌的品质〉[The Qualities of Cheng Baolin’s Poetry]。 成都:星星诗刊1991第2期。(文论) Shi Guanghua 石光华 (1983)。〈不显眼的小星〉[An Inconspicuous Little Star]。成都:四川文学 月刊1983第8期。(诗歌) (1985a)。〈库尔伦夜歌〉[Song of Kuerlun Nights]。昆明:山花文学月刊 1985第1期。(诗歌) (1985b)。〈那是永恒的时辰〉[That is an Eternal Moment]。胡和霍特:草 原文学月刊1985第5期。(诗歌) (1985c)。〈七月,在南方〉[June, in the South]。昆明:山花文学月刊 1985第8期。(诗歌) (1985d)。〈没有沉默的北方〉[The Never Silent North]。胡和霍特:草原 文学月刊1985第10期。(诗歌) Shi Guanghua 石光华 (1986a)。〈属于北方的。。。〉[Of the North … ]。胡和霍特:草原文学 月刊1986第2期。(组诗) (1986b)。〈月墟;暗香〉[A Moonlit Ruin; A Secret Scent]。成都:星星诗 刊1986第3期。(诗歌) (1986c)。〈望秋;期待〉[Awaiting Autumn; Expectations。成都:星星诗 刊1986第8期。(诗歌) (1986d)。〈结束之遁;雪之下;落夜;呓雪;月声;向西之树;远秋〉。 [The Escape from an Ending; Beneath the Snow; Nightfall; Shivering Snow; The Sound of the Moon; Trees Leaning West; Distant Autumn]]北京:中国文学月刊1986第10期。(组诗) (1986e)。〈暮泱;疏影〉[The Evening Spreads; Scattered Shadows]。深 圳:深圳青年报1986年10月24日。(诗歌) (1987)。〈瓶花;镜子〉[Flowers in a Vase; Mirror]。北京:诗刊1987第4 期。(诗歌) (1988a)。〈看见真实 – 中国诗歌现象之三〉[Seeing Reality – Phenomena of Chinese Poetry #3]。 合肥:诗歌报 1988年2月6日,总第82 期。(文论) (1988b)。〈语言内外 – 中国诗歌现象谈〉[The Ins and Outs of Language – On Phenomena of Chinese Poetry]。成都:星星月刊1988年第 7期。(文论) (1988c)。〈面对诗歌大浪潮〉[Facing the Great Tide of Poetry]。北京:诗 刊1988第10期。(文论) (1991)。〈江雪;春晓;登鹳鹤楼;静夜思〉[River Snow; The Break of Spring; Climbing Stork Tower; Thoughts on a Quiet Night]。成 都:星星诗刊1991第5期。(诗歌) (1994a)。〈写作的背景—语言与文化处境的个人思考〉[The Background to Writing – individual Thoughts on the Plight of Language and Culture]。成都:星星诗刊1994第1,2期。(文论) (1994b)。〈时间;桔子;你是唯一的。。。;冬夜归者〉[Time; A Tangerine; You’re the Only One … ; Returning on a Winter Night]。成都:星星诗刊1994第4期。(诗歌) (2002)。〈天下哥们一生酒〉[A Life of Booze for All Buddies Under Heaven]。(文论)(30/4/2003) http://tyfoweekly.com/weekly/food/block/html/2003011700021.html Shi Guanghua 石光华, Yang Yuanhong 杨远宏(1986)。〈现代诗歌的沉抑和忧 虑〉[The Gloom and Anxieties of Modern Poetry]。成都:星星诗 刊1986第9期。(文论) Shi Guanghua 石光华, Sun Wenbo 孙文波, Mu Fu 木斧, Ye Chao 叶潮, Zhai Yongming 翟永明, Yang Yuanhong 杨远宏(1994)。〈新诗现状与现状一席 谈〉[A Talk About the Present Circumstances of New Poetry and Present Circumstances]。成都:星星诗刊1994第8期。(对话) Song Qu宋渠 & Song Wei宋炜 (1984)。〈海上音乐会;渔村的孩子〉[Concert at Sea; Child of a Fishing Village]。昆明:山花文学月刊1984第9期。(诗歌) (1985a)。〈大佛〉[The Great Buddha]。胡和霍特:草原文学月刊1985第 5期。(诗歌) (1985b)。〈雨季:走出小屋的童年〉[Rainy Season; Childhood Walking Out of a Little Room]。昆明:山花文学月刊1985第8期。(诗 歌) (1985c)。〈河流〉[Rivers]。胡和霍特:草原文学月刊1985第9期。(散 文诗) (1985d)。〈二月的孩子〉[A Child of the Second Month]。合肥:安徽文学 月刊1985第12期。(诗歌) (1986a)。〈邀游;南方〉[Invitation to Travel; The South]。成都:星星诗 刊1986第3期。(诗歌) (1986b)。〈少小离家〉[Leaving Home When Small]。成都:星星诗刊 1986第7期。(诗歌) (1986c)。〈颂词〉[A Eulogy]。胡和霍特:草原文学月刊1986第10期。 (诗歌) (1986d)。〈大曰是:第四章 涉川〉[The Great Saying of Yes: Part 4]。深 圳:深圳青年报1986年10月24日。(诗歌选段) (1987a)。〈镜子世界〉[World of Mirrors]。辽源:关东文学月刊1987第2 期。(诗歌) (1987b)。〈长途客车〉[Long-Distance Buses]。北京:诗刊1987第3期。 (诗歌) (1987c)。〈鸭蹼〉[Duck Webbing]。辽源:关东文学月刊1987第4期。 (小说) (1987d)。〈有月亮和水和女儿的诗〉[A Poem with the Moon and Water and a Girl]。辽源:关东文学月刊1987第6期。(组诗5首) (1988a)。〈象:五行;生育;起源;空白;沉溺〉[Appearances: The Five Elements; Birth; Origins; Emptiness; Indulgence]。上海:上海文 学月刊1988第3期。(组诗) (1988b)。〈红棕榈〉[Red Palm Trees]。达县:巴山文学月刊1988第3 期。(诗歌) (1988c)。〈歌;想的时候;故事〉[Song; When Remembering; Story]。成 都:星星诗刊1988第7期。(诗歌) (1989)。〈家语〉[Home Words]。上海:上海文学月刊1989第3期。(组 诗10首) (1992)。〈富贵山水;留备过冬的诗〉[Riches and Honors Mountains and Waters; Poetry Laid By for Winter]。长春:作家文学月刊1992 第1期。(诗歌) Song Wei 宋炜(2003)。〈酒事种种〉[Affairs of Wine]。(文论)(23/4/2003) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/data/data.php3?id=04023hn4&db=wenxue Sun Wenbo 孙文波 (1986a)。〈少女陆梅的故事〉[The Story of the Girl Lu Mei]。深圳:深圳 青年报1986年10月24日。 (1986b)。〈爱情的终结〉[The End of Love]。成都:星星诗刊1986第11 期。(诗歌) (1986c)。〈十四行诗(1,2,3)[Sonnets]〉。成都:星星诗刊1986第12 期。(诗歌) (1987a)。〈春天〉[Spring]。成都:星星诗刊1987第8期。(诗歌) (1987b)。〈春天〉[Spring]。胡和霍特:草原文学月刊1987第8期。(诗 歌) (1988)。〈摧毁玻璃〉[Smash Glass]。成都:星星诗刊1988第7期。(诗 歌)   (1989a)。〈摧毁玻璃〉[Smash Glass]。胡和霍特:草原文学月刊1989第3 期.(诗歌) (1989b)。〈蒲草〉[Cattails]。北京:诗刊1989第12期。(诗歌) (1991)。〈暮色沉重;收歌;华阴古堡;花园〉[Heavy Twilight; Harvest Song; An Ancient Castle Shaded by Flowers; Flower Garden]。成 都:星星诗刊1991第3期。(诗歌) (1993)。〈新闻图片〉[Pictures in the News]。成都:星星诗刊1993第10 期.(诗歌) (1993d)。〈语言带着肉体向上升〉[Language Carries the Body Up]。(文 论)(20/11/2002) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/wangshang/maolu/conshow.php (1994a)。〈散步:给肖开愚〉[A Stroll: For Xiao Kaiyu]。台北:今天文学 杂志1994第1期。(组诗) (1994b)。〈聊天和搬家〉[Chatting and Moving House]。Cambridge: 倾向文 学杂志1994第3-4期合刊。(组诗两首) (1994c)。〈祖辈〉[Ancestors]。成都:星星诗刊1994第4期。(长诗) (1995)。〈我看见〉[I Saw]。Cambridge:倾向文学杂志1995总第5期。 (散文22章) (1996a)。〈一致〉[Identical]。拉萨:西藏文学双月刊1996第2期。(组 诗) (1996b)。〈笔记*几个问题〉[Notes * Some Questions]。Cambridge: 倾向文 学杂志1996总第7-8期。(文论) (1997a)。〈与物质主义对话〉[A Conversation with Materialism]。北京: 北京文学月刊1997第2期。(文论) (1997b)。〈写作:对相关问题的解释〉[Writing: Explanations of Related Problems]。(文论)(20/11/2002) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/wangshang/maolu/conshow.php Sun Wenbo 孙文波 (1998)。〈我的诗歌观〉[My View of Poetry]。天津:诗探索1998第4 期。(文论) (1999c)。〈我理解的90年代:个人写作,叙事及其他〉[The Nineties as I Understand Them: Individual Writing, Narrative and Other Things]。天津:诗探索1999第2期。(文论) (1999b)。〈论争中的思考〉[Thoughts During Polemic]。天津:诗探索 1999第4期。(文论) (1999a)。〈《九十年代》及《反对》〉[The Nineties and Against]。(文 论)(6/12/2002) http://www.poemlife.com/Wenku/wenku.asp?vNewsId=10 (2000a)。〈历史阴影的显现〉[The Appearance of the Shadow of History]。 天津:诗探索2000第3-4期。(文论) (2000b)。〈上苑札记:一份与诗歌有关的问题提纲〉(1)[Notes From the Garden: An Outline of Problems with Poetry]。(文论) (19/11/2002) http://www.poemlife.com/front/front_8/swb.htm (2000c)。〈上苑札记:读诗〉[Notes From the Garden: Reading Poetry]。 (文论)(12/11/2002) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/wangshang/maolu/conshow.php (2000d)。〈小论万夏〉[A Brief discourse on Wan Xia]。(文论) (20/11/2002) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/wangshang/maolu/conshow.php (2001a)。孙文波的诗 [Sun Wenbo’s Poetry]。 北京:人民文学出版社。 (诗集) (2001b)。〈回顾 – 诗歌的可能性〉[A Look Back: The Possibilities of Poetry]。(文论)(24/9/2003) http://www.be-word-art.com.cn/no2/document4.htm (2002a)。〈只要踏实,只要。。。。。〉[If Only Free of Anxiety, If Only … ]。(文论)(20/11/2002) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/wangshang/maolu/conshow.php (2002b)〈中国诗歌的‘中国性’〉[The “Chineseness” of Chinese Poetry]。 (文论)(30/4/2002) http://www.be-word-art.com.cn/no6/document9.htm (2003a)。〈上苑札记:断想〉[Notes From the Garden: Disjointed Thoughts]。(文论)(25/6/2003) http://newyouth.beida-online.com/data/data.php3?db=wenxue&id=06025hn4 (2003b)。〈生活:解释的背景〉[Life: Explication’s Background]。(文 论)(30/4/2003) http://www.poemlife.net/Wenku/wenku.asp?vNewsId=508 (2003c)。〈诗歌之事无大小〉[There is No Large or Small About Matters of Poetry]。(采访;木朵)(1/9/2003) http://www.poemlife.com.cn/forum/add.jsp?forum?ID=31&msgID=2147483549 Sun Wenbo 孙文波 (2003d)。〈同意臧棣的说法,我的一点意见(有关北岛访谈)〉 [Agreeing with Zang Di’s Comments, My Opinion (Concerning an Interview with Bei Dao)]。(文论)(19/2/2003) http://newyouth.beida-online.com/data/data.php3?db=wenxue&id=0302019kn10 (2003e)。〈我读切•米沃什〉[I Read Czeslaw Milosz]。(文论)(4/6/2003) http://newyouth.beida-online.com/data/data.php3?db=wenxue&id=0602hn2 (2004a)。〈从地下到地上〉[From Underground to Above-Ground]。(文 论)(21/7/2004) http://www.poemlife.com:9001/Wenku/wenku.asp?vNewsId=982 (2004b)。〈答《南方都市报》记者陆勇平问〉[Answering Questions from the Southern Municipality Paper Reporter Lu Yongping]。 (7/1/2004) http://www.poemlife.com:9001/Wenku/wenku.asp?vNewsId=784 (2004c)。〈给某X的一封信〉[A Letter to X]。(文论)(2/8/2004) http://www.poemlife.com:9001/Wenku/wenku.asp?vNewsId=955 (2004/08/02) (2004d)。〈语言民族主义〉[Linguistic Nationalism]。(文论)(5/3/2004) http://www.be-word-art.com.cn/no17/document7.htm (2004-3-5) ( a )。〈修辞的胜利〉[The Victory of Rhetoric]。(文论)(20/11/2002) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/wangshang/maolu/conshow.php ( b )。〈也来谈谈‘可能性’的意义及其他〉[Also Talking about the Significance of “Possibility” and Other Matters]。(文论) (12/11/2002) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/wangshang/maolu/conshow.php Sun Wenbo 孙文波, Mu Fu 木斧, Ye Chao 叶潮, Shi Guanghua 石光华, Zhai Yongming 翟永明, Yang Yuanhong 杨远宏(1994)。〈新诗现状与现状一席 谈〉[A Talk About the Present Circumstances of New Poetry and Present Circumstances]。成都:星星诗刊1994第8 期。(对话) Sun Wenbo 孙文波, Zang Di 臧棣, Xiao Kaiyu 肖开愚 ed. 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I Said, I Can’t Sing]。胡和霍特: 草原文学月刊1987第2期。(诗歌) (1987b)。〈开始〉[The Start]。辽源:关东文学月刊1987第6期。(诗2 首) (1988a)。〈旗帜;你的声音;五月〉[Flags; Your Voice; May]。成都:星 星诗刊1988第1期。(诗歌) (1988b)。〈水;鸟之三;鸟之后〉[Water; Bird the Third; Behind the Bird]。长春:作家文学月刊1989第3期.(诗歌) (1988c)。〈怪客;后怪客〉[The Stranger; The Later Stranger]。辽源:关东 文学月刊1988第4期。(诗歌) (1988d)。〈怪客;赶路人;旅途之一;撒哈拉沙漠上的三张纸牌〉[The Stranger; The Hurried Traveller; Journey No. 1; Three Playing Cards Scattered on the Sahara Desert]。长春:作家文学月刊 1988第4期。(诗歌) (1988e)。〈怪客;后怪客;十二个时刻和一声轻轻的尖叫〉[The Stranger; The Later Stranger; Twelve Moments and a Quiet Scream]。辽源:关东文学月刊1988第4期。(诗歌) (1988f)。〈之后〉[After]。辽源:关东文学月刊1988第4期。(文论) (1988g)。〈赞美〉[Praise]。成都:星星诗刊1988第6期。(诗歌) Yang Li 杨黎 (1988h)。〈真的;赶路人〉[Really; The Hurried Traveller]。北京:诗刊 1988第9期。(诗歌) (1988i)。〈天空〉[The Sky]。胡和霍特:草原文学月刊1988第10期。 (长诗) (1989a)。〈水;鸟之三;鸟之后〉[Water; Bird the Third; Behind the Bird]。长春:作家文学月刊1989第3期。(诗歌) (1989b)。〈穿越地狱的列车—论第三代人诗歌运动(1980-1985)〉[A Train Passing Through Hell – On the Third Generation Poetry Movement 1980-1985]。长春:作家文学月刊1989第7期。 (文论) (1989c)。〈有一条河;好鸟;鸟之外〉[There is a River ; The Good Bird; Beyond the Bird]。北京:人民文学月刊1989第11期.(诗 歌) (1990)。〈节日之一;节日之二;节日之三〉[Holiday No. 1; Holiday No. 2; Holiday No. 3]。拉萨:西藏文学双月刊1990第5期。(诗歌) (1993)。〈对一次散步的回忆;祝福少女们万寿无疆〉[Memory of a Walk; Wishing Young girls Would Live Forever]。香港:今天文学杂志 1993第3期。(诗歌) (1995a)。〈撒哈拉沙漠上的三张纸牌;西西弗神话;有人;一张纸;对一 次散步的回忆〉[Three Playing Cards Scattered on the Sahara Desert; The Myth of Sisyphus; Some People; A Piece of Paper; Memory of a Walk]。长春:作家文学月刊1995第1期。(诗 歌) (1995b)。〈梦神睡眠器;国营家具商场;中国桑椹;三五牌香烟〉[The Sleep Machine of the God of Dreams; The State-Owned Home Appliance Market; The Chinese Mulberry; 555 Cigarettes]。拉 萨:西藏文学双月刊1995第2期。(诗歌) (1995c)。〈撒哈拉沙漠上的三张纸牌;西西弗神话;有人;一张纸;对一 次散步的回忆;鸟之二;鸟之三;祝福少女们;“梦神”睡眠 器;英语学习〉[Three Playing Cards Scattered on the Sahara Desert; The Myth of Sisyphus; Some People; A Piece of Paper; Memory of a Walk; Bird the Second; Bird the Third; A Wish for Young Girls; The Sleep Machine of the God of Dreams; Studying English]。长春:作家文学月刊1995第10期。(诗歌) (1998)。〈我与非非〉[Me and Not-Not]。台北:今天文学杂志1998第3 期。(文论) (2000a)。〈答朵渔十二问〉[Answering Twelve Questions from Duoyu]。 (文论)(22/10/2002) http://www.wenxue.com/scene/writers/007.htm (2000b)。〈文论四篇〉[Four Literary Comments]。(22/3/2002) http://xwz.our263.com/cgi-bin/index.dll?page5 Yang Li 杨黎 (2001)。〈《小杨与马丽》自序〉[Preface to Little Yang and Mary]。 (27/10/2003) http://www.tamen.net/subject/001.htm (2002a)。〈诗歌小说,我都无话可说 – 杨黎访谈录〉[Poetry Fiction, I Have Nothing To Say]。(20/1/2003) http://www.booker.com.cn/gb/paper23/22/class002300006/hwz155766.htm (2002b)。小杨与马丽 [Little Yang and Mary]。石家庄:河北教育出版社。 (诗集) (2002c)。小杨与马丽 [Little Yang and Mary]。(诗集)(21/11/2003) http://www.koopee.com/home/yangli/zp/ml/index.htm (2002d)。〈打炮〉[Fire the Cannon (poem)]。(诗歌)(22/3/2002) http://www.wenxue2000.com/poetry/yl.htm (2002e)。〈打炮〉[Fire the Cannon (fiction)]。(小说)(22/10/2002) http://www.wenxue.com/scene/text/482.htm (2003a)。灿烂 [Splendor (Chapter 3)]:第三章第一节。(回忆/访谈录) (12/2/2003) http://huaqiu.www76.cn4e.com/wenku/ReadNews.asp?NewsID=181 \ (2003b)。灿烂 [Splendor (Chapter 4)]:第四章(回忆/访谈录—万夏,李亚 伟,郭力家)。(12/3/2003) http://xwz.our263.com/cgi-bin/index.dll?page5?webid=our263&userid=22438&columnno=3&articleid=33 (2003c)。灿烂 [Splendor (Chapter 5)]:第五章(回忆/访谈录—韩东,于小 伟,小海)。(12/3/2003) http://xwz.our263.com/cgi-bin/index.dll?page5?webid=our263&userid=22438&columnno=3&articleid=46 (2003d)。灿烂 [Splendor (Chapter 7)]:第七章(回忆/访谈录—蓝马,何小 竹,吉木狼格)。(12/3/2003) http://xwz.our263.com/cgi-bin/index.dll?page5?webid=our263&userid=22438&columnno=3&articleid=32 Also at: http://www.tamen.net/magazine/001/1-3-7.htm (10/4/2002) (2003f)。〈诗啊,言之无物〉[Poetry, Nothing to Speak Of]。(木朵/访谈 录)(2003-12-10) http://www.poemlife.com.cn/forum/add.jsp?forumID=31&page=1&msgID=2 (2003g)。〈向毛主席保证〉[I Guarantee Chairman Mao]。(小说) (16/4/2003) http://huaqiu.www76.cn4e.com/xiaoshuo/ReadNews.asp?NewsID=34 ed.(2004)。灿烂:第三代人的写作和生活 [Splendor: The Writing and Life of the Third Generation]。西宁:青海人民出版社。 ( a )。太阳与红太阳。 (诗集)(21/11/2003) http://www.kopee.com/home/yangli/zp/zp-sg-01.htm Yang Li 杨黎,Han Dong 韩东(2002)。〈诗歌讨论〉[Poetry Discussion]。 (5/10/2002) http://huaqiu.our263.com/cgi- bin/index.dll?page5?webid=our263&userid=21773&column Yang Ping 杨萍 (1986)。〈侯春鸟〉[A Migratory Bird]。成都:星星诗刊1986第6期。 (诗歌) Yang Ran 杨然 (1984)。〈寻找一座铜像〉[Searching for a Bronze Statue]。成都:星星诗 刊1984第5期。(诗歌) (1985a)。〈父亲,我们送您远行〉[Father, We’re Seeing You Off on a Long Journey]。成都:星星诗刊1986第4期。(诗歌) (1985b)。〈建筑自己的情思世界〉[Build Your Own World of Emotions and Thoughts]。成都:星星诗刊1986第6期。(文论) (1986)。〈海之门;垂钓者;编后话〉[The Door to the Sea; 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Coffeeshop]。成都:星星诗刊1986第11期。(诗歌) Yu Tian 雨田 (1987a)。〈祈祷者〉[One Who Prays]。北京:中国作家文学双月刊1987 第2期。(诗歌) (1987b)。〈雅砻江;冰美人;墓碑〉[Yalong River; The Icy Beauty; The Grave Stone]。北京:青年文学月刊1987第3期。(诗歌) Yu Tian 雨田 (1987c)。〈画像〉[A Portrait]。胡和霍特:草原文学月刊1987第11期。 (诗歌) (1988a)。〈野河〉[The Wild River]。北京:中国作家文学双月刊1988第 4期。(散文诗) (1988b)。〈血歌:不仅献给死去的淘金者〉[Song of Blood: Not Only for Dead Gold-Panners]。成都:星星诗刊1988第5期。(诗歌) (1989)。〈麦地〉[Land of Wheat]。上海:上海文学月刊1989第3期。 (组诗4首) (1991)。〈被揭示的刀锋;纯洁的诗;城市〉[The Revealed Knife Blade; A Pure Poem; The City]。北京:诗刊1991第12期。(诗歌) (1992)。〈冬天的水之三,之四〉[Winter’s Water No. 3, No. 4]。成都:星 星诗刊1992第7期。(诗歌) (1993a)。秋天里的独白 [A Monologue in Autumn]。香港:香港新世纪出版 社。(诗集) (1993b)。最后的花朵与纯洁的诗 [The Last Flowers and Pure Poetry]。重 庆:广西民族出版社。(诗集) (1993c)。〈无形的分界线〉[A Formless Line of Demarcation]。成都:星星 诗刊1993第1期。(诗歌) (1993d)。〈阳光渗出的方式;意外的梦境或独自歌唱〉[A Method Leaked From the Sun; An Accidental Dreamscape or Singing Alone]。成 都:星星诗刊1993第4期。(诗歌) (1994a)。〈从头上飞过的啄木鸟〉[A Woodpecker That Flew Overhead]。 广州:作品文学月刊1994第2期。(诗歌) (1994b)。〈坍塌山体上的一株向日葵(1992)〉[A Sunflower on a Collapsed Mountainous Body]。成都:星星诗刊1994第4期。 (诗歌) (1996)。〈中国小镇上的一匹石马;病房里的腊梅;郊外女子;阅读;诗 人与石头〉[A Stone Horse in a Little Town in China; A Winter Plum Blossom in a Sickroom; Woman from the Outskirts; Reading; The Poet and the Stone]。成都:星星诗刊1996第4期。(诗 歌) (2003)。〈诗歌在民间生存 – 与青年诗人木星,白鹤林谈诗〉[Poetry Lives Among the People – A Discussion of Poetry with the Young Poets Mu Xing and Bai Helin]。(10/10/2003) http://www.zhongdian.net/vol2/fangtanlu.html Zhai Yongming 翟永明 (1982)。〈有一条小河;红叶;我是〉[There is a Brook; Red Leaves; I Am]。成都:四川文学月刊1982第9期。(诗歌) (1983)。〈等待;我有了一把扫帚〉[Waiting; I Have a Broom]。成都:四 川文学月刊1983第1期。(诗歌) Zhai Yongming 翟永明 (1986a)。〈渴望〉[Desire]。深圳:特区文学双月刊1986第4期。(女 人) (1986b)。〈独白;母亲;预感;世界;我对你说;边缘〉[Monologue; Mother; A Premonition; The World; I Say to You; Margins]。北 京:诗刊1986第9期。(女人选章,除了‘我对你说’) (1986c)。〈预感;七月〉[A Premonition; July]。北京:中国文学月刊1986 第10期。(女人选章) (1986d)。〈黑房间〉[The Black Room]。深圳:深圳青年报1986年10月 24日。(诗歌) (1986e)。〈黑房间;此时此刻;男左女右;人生在世〉[The Black Room; At This Very Moment; Men Left Women Right; People Live In The World]。北京:诗刊1986第11期。(组诗选章) (1986f)。〈终点;观望〉[Terminus; Wait and See]。成都:星星诗刊1986 第11期。(诗歌) (1986g)。〈青春诗话〉[Words on Poetry from Youth]。北京:诗刊1986第 11期。(文论) (1987a)。〈今夜〉[Tonight]。北京:诗刊1987第1期。(诗歌) (1987b)。〈生命;噩梦〉[Life; Nightmare]。辽源:关东文学月刊1987第 6期。(女人) (1987c)。〈始终:秋天:憧憬;瞬间;旋转〉[From Start to Finish: Autumn; Anticipation; An Instant; A Whirl]]。上海:上海文学 月刊1987第5期。(女人4首) (1987e)。〈红房间;这些都是真心话;邓肯之死;圣诞节之夜;头发被你 剪去〉[The Red Room; These are All True Words from the Heart; The Death of Isadora Duncan; Christmas Eve; You’ve Cut Off My Hair]]。长春:作家文学月刊1987第8期。(诗歌) (1988a)。〈另一种爱;有些时刻有些地点;冬天的印象〉[Another Type of Love; Some Times Some Places; An Impression of Winter]。兰 州:飞天文学月刊1988第1期。(诗歌) (1988b)。〈无垠的地区〉[ An Unbounded Region]。达县:巴山文学月刊 1988第3期。(诗歌) (1988c)。〈静安庄〉[Peaceful Village]。北京:人民文学月刊1988第4 期。(组诗12首) (1988d)。〈诗人和关于诗的主张〉[Poets and Viewpoints on Poetry]。 北 京:作家生活报 1988年6月5日,第16期。(文论) (1988e)。〈肖像〉[A Portrait]。北京:诗刊1988第8期。(组诗8首) (1989a)。〈何等状态:何等状态;双胞胎;白色的走廊;房东!房 东!〉[What a State: What a State; Twins; A White Corridor; Landlord! Landlord!]。上海:上海文学月刊1989第3期。(组 诗) Zhai Yongming 翟永明 (1989b)。〈女性诗歌与诗歌中的女性意识〉[Women’s Poetry and Woman’s Consciousness in Poetry]。北京:诗刊1989第6期。(文论) (1989c)。女人 [Woman]。桂林:漓江出版社。(诗集) (1991)。〈变奏的乐章:未曾出世的孩子;我与蝙蝠;吃鱼的日子〉[A Variation of a Movement: A Child Never Born; Bats and Me; Days of Eating Fish]。成都:四川文学月刊1991第1期。(组诗选 章) (1992a)。〈我与蝙蝠;土拨鼠〉[Bats and Me; The Marmot]。香港:今天 文学杂志1992第1期。(诗歌) (1992b)。〈我策马扬鞭;年轻的褐色植物〉[I Spur the Horse, Flourish the Whip; A Young Brown Plant]。香港:今天文学杂志1992第4 期。(诗歌) (1993a)。〈玩偶;壁虎与我〉[The Doll; Geckos and Me]。台北:今天文学 杂志1993第4期。(诗歌) (1993b)。〈我站在直街横街的;下午;凌晨〉[I Stand at the Intersection of Perpendicular and Horizontal Streets; Afternoon; The Small Hours]。北京:诗刊1993第9期。(诗歌) (1994a)。〈死亡的图案〉[Death’s Design]。拉萨:西藏文学双月刊1994 第2期。(组诗7首) (1994b)。〈重逢〉[Reunion]。台北:今天文学杂志1994第2期。(组诗 6首) (1994c)。〈去过博物馆〉[I’ve been to the Museum]。北京:诗刊1994第6 期。(诗歌) (1994d)。翟永明诗集 [A Collection of Zhai Yongming’s Poetry]。成都:成 都出版社。 (1995a)。〈再谈‘黑夜意识’与‘女性诗歌’〉[Talking Again of “The Consciousness of Black Night” and “Women’s Poetry”]。天津: 诗探索1995第1期。(文论) (1995b)。〈拭管人;圣诞节之夜;西部的太阳〉[People Who Wipe Pipes; Christmas Eve; The Sun in the West]。拉萨:西藏文学双月刊 1995第3期。(诗歌) (1995c)。〈纽约:小矮人的故事〉[New York: A Dwarf’s Story]。北京:人 民文学月刊1995第5期。(散文) (1995d)。〈身体(5首);未曾出世的孩子;我策马扬鞭〉[The Body; A Child Never Born; I Spur the Horse, Flourish the Whip]。成都: 星星诗刊1995第9期。(诗歌) (1995e)。〈称之为一切:九月;在南部地区;家事;星期六下午〉[Call This Everything; September; In a Southern Region; Saturday Afternoon]。北京:人民文学月刊1995第9期。(组诗) Zhai Yongming 翟永明 (1996a)。〈面向心灵的写作〉[Writing While Facing the Soul]。长春:作家 文学月刊1996第2期.(文论) (1996b)。〈《咖啡馆之歌》以及以后〉[“Café Song” and After]。成都:星 星诗刊1996第11期。(文论2篇) (1996c)。〈未曾出世的孩子;时间是一九五五年;绿房间〉[A Child Never Born; The Time is 1955; The Green Room]。拉萨:西藏 文学双月刊1996第1期。(诗歌) (1996d)。〈变化(1,2);孩子的时光〉[Change; The Time of the Child]。上海:上海文学月刊1996第3期。(诗歌) (1996e)。〈一个朋友的死讯(8首);科罗娜19号〉[News of a Friend’s Death; Kalona No. 19]。拉萨:西藏文学双月刊1996第5 期。(诗歌) (1996f)。〈纸上建筑〉[A Construct on Paper]。(文论)(22/10/2002) http://www.wenxue.com/scene/text/zym/001.htm (1997a)。〈一首歌的三段咏唱;三首更轻的歌谣(红;白;黑);编织的 三种行为〉[Three Parts of an Aria; Three Lighter Ballads (Red; White; Black); Three Acts of Knitting]。广州:花城文学双月刊 1997第2期。(诗歌) (1997b)。纸上建筑 [A Construct on Paper]。上海:东方出版中心。 (文论 集) (1997c)。〈散文小辑〉[A Group of Prose Essays]。长春:作家文学月刊 1997第3期。(5篇) (1999)。〈献给无限的少数人〉[For an Unlimited Minority]。天津:诗探索 1999第1期。(文论) (2000)。坚韧的破碎之花 [Tenacious Flowers of a Crack-Up]。北京:东方 出版社。(诗集) (2002a)。〈词语与激情共舞—访谈录/周瓒〉[Words Dance with Enthusiasm – An Interview with Zhou Zan]。(20/11/2002) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/wangshang/maolu (2002b)。〈当男权遇到女权〉[When Male Rights Meet Female Rights]。 (文论)(18/8/2002) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/wangshang/maolu (2002c)。〈完成之后又怎样?翟永明回答臧棣,王艾〉[After Completion, What Then? Zhai Yongming Answers Zang Di and Wang Ai]。 (20/1/2003) http://bluetiger1998.coolcity.com.cn/?MenuID=30&ArticleID=42 (2002d)。〈为需要,为内心的快乐而创作〉[Create Out of Need and Inner Happiness]。(文论)(12/11/2002) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/wangshang/maolu Zhai Yongming 翟永明 (2002e)。〈《终于使我周转不灵》自序〉[Preface to Ultimately Making Me Lose Liquidity]。(6/12/2003) http://www.poemlife.com/Wenku/wenku.asp?vNewsId=282 (2002f)。终于使我周转不灵 [Ultimately Making Me Lose Liquidity]。石家 庄:河北教育出版社。(诗集) (2003)。〈专访:装在美人骨架里的英雄+诗人〉[Hero + Poet Fixed on the Frame of a Beauty: An Interview with Yan Wo],(燕窝) (16/2/2004) http://www.poemlife.com.cn/forum/add.jsp?forumID=14&msgID=214748193 (2004a)。〈时间美人和美人的时间〉[Time’s Beauty and the Time of a Beauty]。(文论)(2004-6-11) http://www.poemlife.com.cn/forum/add.jsp?forumID=14&msgID=214748070 (2004b)。〈我们都是单翼天使〉[We are All One-Winged Angels]。(燕 窝,专访) http://www.poemlife.com:9001/Wenku/wenku.asp?vNewsId=829 ( a )。〈面对词语本身〉[Facing Language Itself]。(文论)(20/11/2002) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/wangshang/maolu/conshow.php ( b )。〈三天宽的歌喉〉[A Singing Voice Three Days Wide]。(随笔/谈 唐丹鸿)(20/11/2002) http://wenxue.newyouth.beida-online.com/wangshang/maolu/conshow.php ( c )。〈为一本未能出版的书所写的序〉[A Preface for a Book Never Published]。(文论)(23/6/2003) http://www.poemlife.com.cn/forum/add.jsp?forumID=14&msgID=214748192 ( d )。〈现实的弗里达和超现实场景中的《弗里达》〉[The Real Florida and the “Florida” in a Surrealistic Scene]。(文论)(23/6/2003) http://www.poemlife.com.cn/forum/add.jsp?forumID=14&msgID=214748192 Zhai Yongming 翟永明, Yang Yuanhong 杨远宏, Shi Guanghua 石光华, Sun Wenbo 孙文波, Mu Fu 木斧, Ye Chao 叶潮(1994)。〈新诗现状与现状一席 谈〉[A Talk About the Present Circumstances of New Poetry and Present Circumstances]。成都:星星诗刊1994第8期。(对话) Zhang Zao 张枣 (1985)。〈论诗人〉[On Poets] a translation of an essay by Carl Jung荣格。 涪陵:巴国文风半年文学刊1985第2期。 (1986a)。〈四个四季 夏歌〉[The Four Seasons Summer Song]。深圳:深 圳青年报1986年10月24日。(诗歌) (1986b)。〈镜中;维昂纳尔:追忆似水年华〉[In the Mirror; Villanelle: Recalling Years Passing Like Water]。北京:中国文学月刊 1986第11期。(诗歌) (1988)。〈中国凉亭;穿上最美丽的衣裳;老师〉[A Chinese Pavilion; Wear the Prettiest Clothing; Teacher]。成都:星星诗刊1988第7 期。(诗歌) Zhang Zao 张枣 (1989)。〈灯心绒幸福的舞蹈及其它〉[The Happy Dance of Corduroy and Other Poems]。长春:作家文学月刊1989第7期。(诗歌9 首) (1990)。〈给另一个海子的信;希尔多夫村的忧郁〉[A Letter to Another Haizi; The Sorrow of Seedorf Village。台北:今天文学杂志1990 第1期。(诗歌) (1991)。〈眼镜店;合唱队;海底的幸福夜〉[The Optical Shop; The Choir; A Happy Night at the Bottom of the Sea]。台北:今天文学杂 1991第2期。(诗歌) Zhao Ye 赵野 (1997)。〈语言与历史事件〉[Language and Historical Incidents]。(文论) (17/1/2003) http://www4.cca.gov.tw/poem/poem-02s-02s-01.asp?cno=15517 Zheng Danyi 郑单衣 (1994)。〈黑草莓〉[Black Strawberries]。北京:诗刊1994第9期。(诗 歌) (1996)。〈昏迷组诗(5首)〉[The Coma Poetry Sequence]。北京:北京 文学月刊1996第5期。(诗歌) (1997a)。〈写作:独立性与差异〉[Writing: Independence and Difference]。天津:诗探索1997第1期。(文论) (1997b)。〈80年代的诗歌储备〉[The Poetry Reserve of the 1980s]。天津: 诗探索1998第2期。(文论) (2000a)。〈写在《夏天的翅膀》出版前夕〉[Written on the Eve of Publication of The Wings of Summer]。(10/10/2003) http://www.poemlife.com.cn/forum/add.jsp?forumID=14&msgID=2147481438 (2000b)。〈写作,无时态的告慰〉[[Writing, Sympathy Expressed Without Tenses]。(文论)(22/10/2002) http://www.wenxue.com/gb/200101/zdy1.htm (2003a)。〈传统离现在有多远?〉[How Far is the Present from Tradition?]。(采访)(1/9/2003) http://www.poemlife.com/Wenku/wenku.asp?vNewsId=587 Also at: (10/10/2003) http://www.poemlife.com.cn/forum/add.jsp?forumID=14&msgID=2147481438 (2003c)。〈访谈:私下的,或公开的/ 与罗辉〉[Interview: In Private; or in Public]。(10/10/2003) http://www.poemlife.com.cn/forum/add.jsp?forumID=14&msgID=2147481438 (2003d)。〈郑单衣简介〉[A Brief Intro to Zheng Danyi]。(10/10/2003) http://www.poemlife.com.cn/forum/add.jsp?forumID=14&msgID=2147481438 Zhong Ming 钟鸣 (1988)。〈满屋子的傻话;射手;所见〉[A Room Full of Silly Prattle; The Marksman; Seen]。上海:上海文学月刊1988第4期。(诗歌) Zhong Ming 钟鸣 (1989a)。〈画片上的怪鸟〉[A Strange Bird in a Miniature Painting]。北 京:人民文学月刊1989第2期。(诗歌) (1989b)。〈没有时态的女人〉[A Woman Without a Tense]。上海:上海文 学月刊1989第3期。(组诗3首) (1990)。〈中间地带;单血管人〉[Intermediary Zone; Man With a Single Blood Vessel]]。Oslo:今天文学杂志,1990第1期。(散文) (1991a)。〈树皮,词根,书与废黜〉[Tree Bark, Word Roots, Books and Dethroning]。香港:今天文学杂志 1991第2期。(文论) (1991b)。〈返青的季节〉[A Season of the Return of Green]。成都:星星诗 刊1991第11期。(诗歌) (1991c)。〈老余〉[Old Yu]。成都:四川文学月刊1991第12期。(小 说) (1992a)。〈树巢(史诗选刊)〉[Establishing a Nest (Selections from an Epic Poem)]。香港:今天文学杂志1992第2期。(诗歌) (1992b)。〈笼子里的鸟儿和笼子外面的俄耳甫斯(上)〉[A Bird in a Cage and Oedipus Outside One]。香港:今天文学杂志1992第 2期。(文论) (1992c)。〈笼子里的鸟儿和笼子外面的俄耳甫斯(下)〉[A Bird in a Cage and Oedipus Outside One]。香港:今天文学杂志1992第 3期。(文论) (1992d)。〈中国杂技:硬椅子〉[Chinese Gymnastics: A Hard Chair]。香 港:今天文学杂志1992第4期。(组诗4首) (1992e)。〈那一种滋味〉[That Sort of Flavor]。成都:星星诗刊1992第6 期。(诗歌) (1992f)。〈女娲;火炉;温柔的高音〉[Nü Wa; A Stove; A Gentle Tenor]。 长春:作家文学月刊1992第6期。(诗歌) (1993a)。〈有关鸟儿的玄说两则〉[Two Pieces on the Mysteries of Birds]。 Cambridge, Mass.:倾向文学杂志1993创刊号。(散文) (1993b)。〈第五元素〉[The Fifth Element]。广州:花城文学双月刊1993 第2期。(散文) (1994)。〈呕吐〉[Vomiting]。Cambridge, Mass.:倾向文学杂志1994总第 3-4期。(散文) (1996)。〈旁观与见证〉[Spectating and Witnessing]。天津:诗探索1996 第1期。(文论) (1997a)。〈告别一九八九(节选)〉[Good-Bye to 1989]。Cambridge: 倾 向1997总第9期。(文艺禄) (1997b)。〈与亚里斯多德可能的谈话〉[A Possible Discussion with Aristotle]。(文论)(17/1/2003) http://www4.cca.gov.tw/poem/poem-02s-02s-01.asp?cno=15545 Zhong Ming 钟鸣 (1998)。旁观者 [Spectator]。(3册)海口:海南出版社。(诗歌/文论 集) (1999a)。〈翟永明诗二首点评〉[A Critique of Two Poems by Zhai Yongming]。天津:诗探索1999第1期。(文论) (1999b)。〈秋天的戏剧 —关于诗人对话素质的随感〉[The Opera of Autumn – Random Thoughts on the Quality of Discussions with Poets]。台北:今天文学杂志1999第4期。(文论) (2002)。秋天的戏剧 [The Opera of Autumn]。上海:学林出版社。(文论 集) Zhong Ming 钟鸣,Feng Chuan 冯川,Wen Chu’an 文楚安,Zhou Lunyou 周伦 佑,(2002)。〈‘诗歌白皮书’四人谈〉[A Four-Way Discussion of “A Poetry White Paper”]。(对话)(26/2/2003) http://www.hywx.com/hywxview.asp?zp_id=1711 (Zhou) Faxing (周)发星 (2003a)。〈苍茫大凉山:一个人的诗歌工作室〉[Vast Mount Daliang: The Poetry Workshop of an Individual](采访人:孙文涛)。 http://big5.xinhunet.com/gate/big5/news.xinhuanet.com/book/2003- 09/24/content_1095622.htm (1/9/2004) (2003b)。〈“《独立》首届民间诗歌奖”揭晓〉[Announcement of Results of “The First Independence ‘Popular’ Poetry Prize”]。周伦佑 Zhou Lunyou joint winner of top prize, shared with 海上 Haishang。 (17/11/2004) http://shiwhcb.home.sunbo.net.show_hdr.php?xname=A0090V0&dname=TEDEAUO&xpos=4 Zhou Lunyou周伦佑 (1981)。 〈孤松〉[The Solitary Pine]。北京:诗刊1981第10期。(诗 歌) (1982a)。 〈春节;错误;回忆〉[Spring Festival; 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A Fish-Shape Vase]。北 京:诗刊1989第3期。(诗歌) (1990)。〈看一支蜡烛点燃〉[Watching a Candle Being Lit]。香港:争鸣月 刊1990第12期。(诗歌) (1992)。〈果核的含义〉[The Meaning of a Fruit Pit]。香港:今天文学杂志 1992第1期。(诗歌) Zhou Lunyou周伦佑 (1993a)。〈果核的含义;猫王之夜〉[The Meaning of a Fruit Pit; Night of the Cat King]。广州:花城文学双月刊1993第5期。(诗歌) (1993b)。〈画家的高蹈之鹤与矮种马;第二道假门;想象大鸟;镜中的石 头〉[The High-Stepping Crane and Midget Horse of the Painter; The Second False Door; The Great Bird of the Imagination; The Stone in the Mirror]。北京:人民文学月刊1993第7期。(诗 歌) (1993c)。〈红色写作〉[Red Writing]。香港:开放杂志月刊1993第8期。 (文论) (1993d)。〈深入骨头与制度—红色写作的精义〉[Deep Entry into Bones and the System – The Gist of Red Writing]。香港:开放杂志 1993第8期。(文论) (1993e)。〈第三代诗人〉[Third Generation Poets]。香港:开放杂志1993 第8期。(诗1首) (1994a)。〈拒绝的姿态〉[A Stance of Refusal]。Cambridge: 倾向文学杂志 1994总第2期。(文论) (1994b)。〈异端之美的呈现—‘非非’七年忆事〉[The Appearance of the Beauty of Heresy – Memories of Seven Years of Not-Not]。天 津:诗探索1994第2期。(文论) ed.(1994c)。打开肉体之门 – 非非主义:从理论到作品 [Opening the Door of Flesh – Not-Not-ism: From Theory to Works]。 兰州: 敦煌文艺出 版社。 ed.(1994d)。亵渎中的第三朵语言花 – 后现代主义诗歌 [The Third Flower of Language in the Midst of Profanity – Post Modernist Poetry]。兰 州:敦煌文艺出版社。 (1999a)。反价值时代 – 对当代文学观念的价值解构 [An Age of Anti-Value – A Deconstruction of the Values of Contemporary Literary Values]。 成都:四川人民出版社。(文论集) (1999b)。在刀锋上完成的句法转换 [Transformation of Syntax Completed on the Knife’s Edge]。台北:唐山出版社。(诗集) (2000a)。〈中国当代文学向何处去—二十一世纪汉语文学写作面临的困境 与选择〉[Where is Contemporary Chinese Literature Headed – The Difficulties Faced by Twenty-First Century Chinese Language Literary Writing]。(文论)(26/3/2002) http://www.new153.com/ff/ff2002/ff3-1.htm ed. 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(1985)。日日新 [Day By Day Make It New]。北培/重庆,四川。(诗刊41页) Chen Xiaofan 陈小蘩 (1988)。〈雪旅(组诗);穿越这片废墟(组诗);更古老的树;白夜; 人•影子;时空的交叉点;盼〉[A Snowy Trip; Pass Through This Stretch of Ruins; A More Ancient Tree; White Nights; People * Shadows; An Intersection of Time; Expectations]。成都,四 川。(诗歌手稿) Chen Xiaofan 陈小蘩 (1991)。〈水的波纹;三月,忧郁的季节;孕中;注视成长;再次孤 独〉[Ripples on Water; March, Season of Melancholy; In Pregnancy; Concentrate on Growth; Alone Again]。北京:现代汉 诗 1991夏总第2期。(诗歌) Er Mao 二毛 (1986)。〈地下诗(1,2,3)〉[Underground Poetry]。上海:大陆,1986 总第2期:。(诗歌) (1988)。实验诗十首 [Ten Experimental Poems]。(颂歌;武器;形式或内 容;地主;邪门;寻根;在旧社会;占有夏天;嘿嘿;悼词) [Ode; Weapons; Form or Content; Landowners; Gates to Evil; A Search of Roots; In the Old Society; An Occupation of Summer; Hey Hey; A Memorial Speech]。重庆,四川。(诗集) Fu Wei 傅维 (1989)。〈致爱人;十二行;轻车送我到长宅;夏天及古代;阿坝之 行〉[To My Wife; Twelve Lines; A Light Vehicle Takes Me to a Lasting Home; Summer and Antiquity; A Trip to Aba]。重庆,四 川。(诗歌手稿) (1990)。〈香樟树(1988/10)〉[A Fragrant Camphor Tree]。南京:思无 邪:89年现代诗歌运动,1990。(诗歌)[under the pseudonym 漆维] (1991)。〈决裂;桃子的外衣〉[Rupture; The Outer Garments of a Peach]。 北京:现代汉诗 1991夏总第2期。(诗歌) (1993)。〈表弟〉[Cousins]。北京:现代汉诗 1993秋冬总第8期。(诗 歌) Fu Wei 傅维 & Zhong Shan钟山ed. (1990-1991)。写作间 [Writers’ Workshop]。重庆,四川。(诗刊,总2 期)。 Gou Mingjun 苟明军 (1986II)。〈诱惑〉[Temptation]。上海:大陆 1986总第2期:89。(诗 歌) (1988I)。〈翻过那个柱口就是疯人院〉[Over This Barrier is the Madhouse]。南川,四川。(诗歌手稿) (1988II)。〈毫无意义:一首诗;另一首诗;毫无意义;父亲笑了;宁 静〉[Completely Meaningless: A Poem; Another Poem; Completely Meaningless; Father Laughs; Silence]。南川,四 川。(组诗手稿) (1988III)。〈荒年;没有梦的礼拜日晚上;活下去;黑夜;被砍掉的向日 葵;祖母;黑风;荒年的最后一个梦〉[A Lean Year; A Dreamless Sunday Night; Go On Living; Black Night; Cut Down Sunflowers; Grandmother; Black Wind; The Last Dream of a Lean Year]。 南川,四川。(诗歌手稿) He Xiaozhu 何小竹 (1986I)。〈鬼城〉[City of Ghosts]。涪陵, 四川。(组诗手稿6页) (1986II)。〈梦中的胡须;另一面〉[A Beard in a Dream; The Other Side]。 上海:大陆 1986总第2期。(诗歌) (1988)。〈组诗〉[Poem Series]。涪陵,四川。(组诗手稿) He Xiaozhu 何小竹, Lan Ma 蓝马, Yang Li 杨黎, Shang Zhongmin 尚仲敏, Li Xiaobin 李晓彬, ed. (1990,1991)。非非诗歌稿件集 [The Not-Not Poetry Manuscript Collection]。成都,四川。(诗刊140页,总2期) Hong Ying 虹影 (1993I)。〈六个讲不下去的故事〉[Six Stories That Can Not Continue to be Told]。北京:现代汉诗 1993秋冬总第8期。(组诗) (1993II)。〈伦敦;柏林;哥本哈根;布拉格〉[London; Berlin; Copenhagen; Prague]。北京:现代汉诗1993春夏总第7期。 (诗歌) (1994I)。〈我们彼此的地狱〉[Our Mutual Hell]。北京:现代汉诗 1994秋 冬总第10期。(组诗) (1994II)。〈组诗:鬼脸〉[Poem Series: Funny Faces]。北京:现代汉诗 1994春夏总第9期。(组诗) Hu Dong胡冬 (1986)。〈故事〉[Story]。上海:大陆 1986总第2期:34。(诗歌) Lan Ma 蓝马 (1988)。〈世的界〉[The Field of Life]。成都,四川。(长诗手稿) Lan Ma蓝马, Shang Zhongmin 尚仲敏, Yang Li 杨黎, Zhou Lunyou 周伦佑 (1988)。〈第三代:对混乱的澄清〉[Third Generation Poetry: A Clarification of Chaos]。成都:四川。(油印对话8页) Lan Ma 蓝马, Yang Li 杨黎, Shang Zhongmin 尚仲敏, He Xiaozhu 何小竹, Li Xiaobin 李晓彬, ed. (1990,1991)。非非诗歌稿件集 [The Not-Not Poetry Manuscript Collection]。成都,四川。(诗刊140页) Li Yawei 李亚伟 (1986I)。〈85年谋杀案;无意识的日子;隐士〉[A Murder in 1985; Unconscious Days; A Hermit]。上海:大陆 1986总第2期。 (诗歌) (1986II)。〈困兽;盲虎;一九八六;行者;男情;恐龙;酒之路;决 斗;流浪;第一个情人〉[The Cornered Beast; The Blind Tiger; 1986; The Traveller; Male Emotion; Dinosaurs; The Road of Liquor; A Duel; Roaming; The First Lover]。四川。(诗集) (1986III)。〈莽汉手段—莽汉诗歌回顾〉[Macho Man Methods – A Retrospective of Macho Man Poetry]。四川。(文论12页) (1986IV)。莽汉一九八四 –一九八五诗选: 男人的诗是这样写的 [Macho Men – Poetry Selection 1984-1985: Men’s Poetry is Written Like This](硬汉们;中文系;生活;给未婚妻一封信;毕业分 Li Yawei 李亚伟 配;更年期;老张和遮天蔽日的爱情;苏东坡和他的朋友们; 十八岁;高尔基经过吉依别克镇;年龄不饶人;我的斧子呻 吟;你是一个好姑娘)[Hard Men; The Chinese Department; Life; A Letter to My Fiancé; Graduation Work Assignment; Menopause; Old Zhang and a Love that Blots out the Sun; Su Dongpo and His Friends; Eighteen; Gorky Passes Through Jiyibieke Town; Age Spares No One; My Axe is Sighing; You’re a Good Girl]。四川。 (个人诗集32页) (1987I)。〈岛〉[Island]。四川。(诗歌手稿4页) (1987II)。〈诗章;金色的旅途;乘船换火车而又乘船;米米〉[A Canto; A Golden Journey; Get on a Boat, Change to a Train, Then Back on a Boat; Mimi]。四川。(诗歌手稿) (1988I)。〈狂朋;怪侣;美人;战争〉[Wild Friends; A Strange Companion; The Beauty; War]。十堰,湖北。(诗歌手稿) (1988II)。〈天空:岛;三月;帆;酒;羽;歌〉[The Sky: Island; March; Sails; Alcohol; Wings; Song]。重庆,四川。(组诗6首) (1989I)。〈飞行〉[In Flight]。十堰,湖北。(长诗手稿5页) (1989II)。〈飞行;我们〉[In Flight; We]。北京:现代汉诗1991夏总第2 期。(诗歌) (1989III)。〈火焰岛〉[Island of Flames]。四川。(长诗手稿8页) (1989IV)。〈骑手〉[The Horseman]。四川。(长诗手稿6页) (1989V)。〈秋收〉[Autumn Harvest]。北培/重庆,四川。(长诗手稿8 页) (1989VI)。〈抒情诗十首:美女和宝马;东渡;梦边的死;远海;破碎的 女子;妖花;夏日的红枣;深杯;渡船;好色〉[Ten Lyric Poems: The Beauty and the Precious Horse; Eastern Crossing; Death on the Edge of Dreams; Distant Seas; A Shattered Woman; A Bewitching Flower; Red Dates of Summer; Deep Cups; The Ferry; Good Sex]。北培/重庆,四川。(手稿) (1992)。〈怀旧的红旗〉[The Red Flag of Nostalgia]。北京:现代汉诗 1993春夏总第7期。(组诗) (1993)。〈急刹车〉[Emergency Braking]。北京:现代汉诗1994春夏总第 9期。(文论) Li Yawei 李亚伟, Liao Yiwu 廖亦武, Xiao Kaiyu 肖开愚(1988)。〈给当代诗坛一 耳光〉[Taking a Slap at the Contemporary Poetry Scene]。四川。 (文论5页) LiaoYiwu 廖亦武 (1983)。〈帽子〉[The Hat]。兰州:同代诗刊,1983。(诗歌) (1984I)。〈归宿〉[A Home To Return To]。成都, 四川。(组诗5页) LiaoYiwu 廖亦武 (1985I)。〈金翡翠:禁水;远村;变迁;咒语;火祭;独归〉[The Golden Red Finch: Forbidden Water; A Distant Village; Changes; Curses; A Fire Rite; Return Alone]。涪陵,四川。(组诗手稿) (1985II)。〈大地之门〉[The Gates of Earth]。西安:长安诗报,第3期 1986。(诗歌) (1985III)。〈大循环:循环柱;八月;水道没有中断;浪迹者;乌江新 娘;阿拉法威的丧歌;碎片;最后的见证〉[The Great Cycle: The Cycle Pillar; The Eighth Month; The Water Way Has Not Been Severed; A Footloose Traveller; The New Bride of the Black River; A Dirge for Allahfaweh; Shards; The Final Witnessing]。 成都,四川。(组诗油印) (1985IV)。〈归宿〉[A Home To Return To]。南宁:求索青年文学报,第 1期。(诗歌) (1985V)。〈曼纽尔的音乐〉(艺术札记之四,与巴铁谈巫文化) [Emmanuelle’s Music #4]。株洲:回归带诗报,创刊号1987。 (文论) (1986I)。〈阿拉法威的丧歌〉[A Dirge for Allahfaweh]。上海:大陆 1986 总第2期。(诗歌) (1986II)。〈白马:魔幻之鸟,只有幽灵能够抵达;寻找白马,你上溯了 五条河流;鱼,宽恕我们吧;我为什么悲哀地凝视露水;马 蹄悠扬,我将逝去〉[White Horses: The Bird of Magic, Only Ghosts can Approach; Looking for White Horses, You’ve Gone Up Five Rivers; Fish, Forgive Us; Why Do I Sadly Stare at Dew; Melodious Horse hooves, I’m Going to Pass Away]。涪陵,四 川。(组诗手稿) (1986III)。〈死城〉[The City of Death]。涪陵,四川。(长诗手稿13页) (1986IV)。〈几百个世纪以来,人类守着这颗在深渊里运转的星球,迷惘 地哭着:我为什么痛哭;你在摇篮里 熟睡着一个死孩子;冥 目静听乌云拍击你的白发;穿插了无数道暗门抵达彼界;你 的确被不断地埋葬过;人们守着这颗在深渊里运转的星球, 迷惘地哭着〉[For Several Centuries, Humankind have been Watching Over this Planet Spinning in the Abyss, Crying in a Fog: Why Do I Cry; You’re in a Cradle There Sleeps a Dead Child; With Dimming Eyes Silently Listen to the Black Clouds Striking Your White Hair; Pierce Numberless Hidden Doors to Reach the Other World; Indeed You’re being Incessantly Buried; People have been Watching Over this Planet Spinning in the Abyss, Crying in a Fog。涪陵, 四川。(组诗手稿6页) ed. (1987I)。巴蜀现代诗群 [The Modern Poetry Groups of Ba and Shu]。涪陵, 四川。(诗刊110页) LiaoYiwu 廖亦武 (1987II)。〈巨匠(5部):序曲;(1)海上;食物;狂欢季;歌谣; (2)先知;人群;招魂(之一,二,三);(3)一个孩 子;一头狮子;九个夜行人;(4)公元前278年7月15日 ___郢都;公元前316年4月5日___巴人村;公元631年2月 7日___麦加;公元1966年8月15日___东京;公元2278年7 月15日___郢都;(5)天问;终曲(巨匠的最后一首 诗)〉[The Master Craftsman (5 parts): Preface; (1) On the Sea; Food; Carnival Season; A Folk Song; (2) Prophet; Crowds; The Summoning of the Soul (1, 2, 3); (3) A Child; A Lion; Nine Night Travellers; (4) B.C.E. 278 July 15 __ Yingdu; B.C.E. 316 April 5 __ Ba People Village; C.E. 631 February 7 __ Mecca; C.E. 1966 August 15 __ Tokyo; C.E. 2278 July 15 __ Yingdu; (5) Questioning Heaven; The End Song (The Final Poem of the Master Craftsman)]。涪陵,四川。(组诗手稿59页) (1988I)。〈幻城〉[The City of Illusions]。涪陵,四川。(长诗手稿11 页) (1988II)。〈杂种:寓言;哲学;喜剧;悲剧;诗歌;小说;舞蹈;故 事;格言〉[Bastards: An Allegory; Philosophy; A Comedy; A Tragedy; Poetry; Fiction; Dance; A Story; An Aphorism]。涪 陵,四川。(组诗手稿19页) (1988III)。〈偶象:巨镜(1);等待偶象;偶象降临;偶象颂歌;偶象游 戏(七天);巨镜(2)〉[Idols: The Giant Mirror (1); Waiting for an Idol; An Idol Descends; Ode to the Idol; The Idol Game (Seven Days); The Giant Mirror (2)]。涪陵,四川。(组诗手 稿25页) (1989)。〈屠杀〉[Slaughter]。涪陵,四川。(长诗手稿14页) (1985-89)。〈曼纽尔的音乐〉(第3,4,9,10)[Emmanuelle’s Music #3, #4, #9, #10]。涪陵,四川。(散文手稿) (1992)。〈朗诵经历;汉人的朗诵;其它〉[Experience of Recitals; Recitals of the Han; Other Topics]。北京:现代汉诗1994春夏总第9 期。(散文) (1994)。活下去:第一卷 [Go On Living: Part 1]。 成都, 四川。(小说初稿 153页) ed. (1995)。死 城 [The City of Death]。成都,四川。(诗歌与评论集176页) (1998)。活下去 第4卷:天劫—八九前后的个人主义证词 [Go On Living Part 4: Catastrophe – Evidence of Individualism Before and After 1989]。成都, 四川。(纪实文学初稿160页) Liao Yiwu (Lao Wei) 廖亦武 (老威) ed. (1997)。知识分子 [Intellectual](第1 期)。成都,四川。(文学刊物294页) ed.(1998)。知识分子 [Intellectual](第2期)。成都,四川。(文学刊物400 页) Liao Yiwu (Ya Suo) 廖亦武 [亚缩]。(1999I)。古拉格情歌 [Love Songs From the Gulags]。(诗册86页) Liao Yiwu 廖亦武, Li Yawei 李亚伟, Xiao Kaiyu 肖开愚(1988)。〈给当代诗坛一 耳光〉[Taking a Slap at the Contemporary Poetry Scene]。四川。 (文论5页) Liu Tao 刘涛 (1986)。〈今天不下雨〉[It’s Not Raining Today]。上海:大陆 1986总第2 期。(诗歌) (1988I)。〈看见的均是彩色的;想到的就是想到的;你说出的我不能说 出;是谁坐在其中;叶这个女子〉[What’s Seen is all Colored; What’s Remembered is What’s Remembered; What You’ve Said I can not Say; Who is Sitting Among Them; This Woman Ye]。成 都,四川。(诗歌手稿) (1988II)。〈鸟儿木夕;窗外是树叶;持枪男子〉[Muxi the Bird; Outside the Window is Leaves; A Man with a Gun]。成都,四川。(诗 歌手稿) (1988III)。〈天目(4首)〉[Eyes of Heaven]。成都,四川。(组诗手 稿) (1988IV)。〈向南方和北方飞去〉[Fly to the South and the North]。成都, 四川。(诗歌手稿) (1991)。〈陌生的题材;人像;关心〉[An Odd Topic; A Human Likeness; Solicitude]。北京:现代汉诗 1991夏总第2期。(诗歌) Ma Song 马松 (1986)。〈夏天;讲故事;情绪〉[Summer; Telling Stories; A Mood]。上 海:大陆 1986总第2期。(诗歌) (1991)。〈致爱〉[To Love]。贵阳:大骚动 1991,第1期。(诗歌) Ouyang Jianghe 欧阳江河 (1984)。 〈悬棺(全三章)〉[The Suspended Coffin]。成都,四川。(长 诗手稿16页) (1985)。〈关于现代诗的随想〉[Random Thoughts on Modern Poetry]。成 都,四川。(油印文论3页) (1986-1988)。〈空中家园;乌鸦和女孩;夏天的冷面孔;日日新;兽皮手 套;大鸟;邓南遮的金鱼;蛇;美人;智慧的骷髅之舞; 冷血的秋天〉[A Home in the Air; Blackbirds and Girls; The Cold Face of Summer; Day By Day Make It New; Animal Skin Gloves; The Big Bird; The Gold Fish of Deng Nanzhe; Snakes; The Beauty; The Dance of the Skeleton of Wisdom; A Cold-Blooded Autumn]。成都, 四川。(诗集手稿) (1988I)。〈对抗与对称:中国当代实验诗歌〉[Confrontation and Symmetry: Chinese Contemporary Experimental Poetry]。成都,四川。(文 论手稿25页) Ouyang Jianghe 欧阳江河 (1988II)。〈室内:聆听(10首);一夜肖邦;苹果〉[In The Room: Listen (10 poems); A Night of Chopin; Apples]。成都,四川。 (诗歌手稿) (1988III)。〈最后的幻像:草莓;黑鸦;花瓶,月亮;落日;玫瑰;雏 菊;彗星;蝴蝶;秋天;初雪;老人;书卷〉[The Final Mirage: A Strawberry; Blackbirds; Flower Vase, Moon; Sunset; Roses; Chrysanthemum Buds; Comets; Butterflies; Autumn; First Snow; Oldsters; Books]。成都,四川。(诗歌手稿) (1988IV)。〈阳光下的果树;夏天的孩子;纸上的秋天;邓南遮的金鱼; 深圳或肖邦〉[An Apple Tree in Sunlight; Child of Summer; Autumn on Paper; The Gold Fish of Deng Nanzhe; Shenzhen or Chopin]。北京:倾向1988第1期。(诗歌) (1989I)。〈短歌(8首)〉[Short Songs]。成都,四川。(诗歌手稿) (1989II)。〈快餐馆(10首)〉[The Fast Food Restaurant]。成都,四川。 (组诗手稿) (1989III)。〈1989,致友人〉[1989, To Friends]。北京:现代汉诗1993秋 冬总第6期。(组诗8首) (1990)。〈傍晚过广场〉[Crossing the Square at Nightfall]。北京:现代汉 诗1991冬总第4期。(长诗) (1991I)。〈月圆时节;墨水瓶;春之声;寂静〉[Season of the Full-Moon; An Ink Bottle; The Sound of Spring; Silence]。北京:现代汉诗 1991春总第1期。(诗歌) (1991II)。〈魂游十四行诗(8—19)〉[Sonnets for Wandering Souls]。上 海:倾向1991总第3期。(组诗选章) (1993)。〈我们的睡眠,我们的饥饿〉[Our Sleep, Our Hunger]。北京:现 代汉诗1994秋冬总第10期。(组诗12首) Shang Zhongmin 尚仲敏 (1986)。〈卡尔•马克思〉[Karl Marx]。上海:大陆 1986总第2期。(诗 歌) (1986-1988)。歌唱:二十首 [Singing: Twenty Poems]。(现状;面庞;读 书;诗人;生命;歌唱;告别;依靠;写作;后代;生日; 母亲;等待;祖国;四月;邻居;春天;苦衷;杜甫;痛 哭)[A Current Situation; A Visage; Studying; A Poet; Life; Singing; Departure; Support; Writing; Later Generations; Birthday; Mother; Waiting; An Ancestral Home; April; Neighbors; Spring; Unspoken Difficulties; Du Fu; Tears of Pain]。成都,四川。(诗集) (1991)。〈好人一生平安〉[A Peaceful Life for Good People]。北京:现代 汉诗1991夏总第2期。(组诗) Shang Zhongmin 尚仲敏, Yang Li 杨黎, Zhou Lunyou 周伦佑, Lan Ma蓝马 (1988)。〈第三代:对混乱的澄清〉[Third Generation Poetry: A Clarification of Chaos]。成都:四川。(油印对话8页) Shang Zhongmin 尚仲敏, Yang Li 杨黎, He Xiaozhu 何小竹, Lan Ma 蓝马, Li Xiaobin 李晓彬, ed. (1990,1991)。非非诗歌稿件集 [The Not-Not Poetry Manuscript Collection]。成都,四川。(诗刊140页) Song Qu 宋渠,Song Wei 宋炜 (1986)。〈意味深长;渐进十七支;噤声〉[Of Lasting Import; Slowly Enter Seventeen; Keep Silent]。上海:大陆 1986总第2期。(诗歌) (1994)。〈乘车上程度;西城纪事 – 致席永君;瞬息的仪仗;四联章,或 幸福的舞台剧〉[Get On the Bus and Rise a Level; Notes from the West City – To Xi Yongjun; The Accoutrements of a Instant; Four Antithetical Couplets, or a Happy Stage Play。北京:现代汉诗 1994秋冬总第10期。(诗歌) Sun Wenbo 孙文波 (1988)。〈太阳下的孩子〉[Children Under the Sun]。南京:87年现代诗歌 运动:交流资料之一,1988。(诗歌) ed. (1987-1989)。红旗 [The Red Flag](总4期)。成都,四川。(诗刊) (1991)。 〈伪奥古斯都传〉[The Tale of a False August]。北京:现代汉诗 1991冬总第4期。(诗歌) (1993I)。〈上山〉[Up The Mountain]。北京:现代汉诗1993秋冬总第8 期。(组诗18首) (1993II)。〈诗歌,语言的精神形式〉[Poetry, The Form of the Spirit of Language]。北京:现代汉诗1993秋冬总第8期。(文论) (1993III)。〈新闻图片;玫瑰花香〉[Pictures in the News; The Fragrance of Roses]。北京:现代汉诗1993春夏总第7期。(组诗) (1994I)。〈搬家;梦中吟〉[Moving House; Sighs in Dreams]。北京:现 代汉诗1994秋冬总第10期。(组诗) (1994II)。〈假面舞会;临夏纪事;钢铁生涯〉[A Mask Ball; Notes as Summer Approaches; A Career of Steel]。北京:现代汉诗1994 春夏总第9期。(诗歌) (1994III)。〈修辞的胜利 – 欧阳江河的诗〉[The Victory of Rhetoric – Ouyang Jianghe’s Poetry]。北京:现代汉诗1994春夏总第9 期。(文论) (1994IV)。〈诗人和时代生活〉[Poets and the Life of the Times]。北京:现 代汉诗1994秋冬总第10期。(答问) (1996)。〈我的诗观〉[My Views on Poetry]。北京:新诗New Poetry 2002 年3月创刊号。(文论) (2001)。〈我怎么成为了自己〉[How I Became Me]。(文论稿) (2002)。〈付维传;中国诗歌的‘中国性’〉[The Story of Fu Wei; The ‘Chineseness’ of Chinese Poetry]。北京:新诗New Poetry 2002 年3月创刊号。(文论) Sun Wenbo 孙文波, Xiao Kaiyu 肖开愚ed. (1989-1992)。九十年代 [The Nineties] (总4期)。成都—上海。(诗刊) Tang Danhong 唐丹鸿 (1994)。〈你可能是我的兄弟。。。;向日葵;机关枪新娘;暑假紧紧塞 住鼻孔〉[You’re Probably My Brother … ; Sunflowers; A New Bride of the Machine Gun; Summer Vacation Plugs the Nostrils Tight]。北京:现代汉诗 1994秋冬总第10期。(诗歌) Tang Yaping 唐亚平 (1983)。唐亚平诗集 [A Collection of Tang Yaping’s Poetry]。四川。(个人 诗集14页) (1991I)。〈斜依雨季〉[Leaning on the Rainy Season]。贵阳:大骚动 1991 总第1期。(诗歌) (1991II)。〈形而上的风景(之8,10)〉[Metaphysical Scenery (No. 8 & 10)]。北京:现代汉诗 1991秋总第3期。(诗歌) (1991III)。〈意外的风景〉[Accidental Scenery]。北京:现代汉诗 1991春 总第1期。(诗歌) Wan Xia 万夏 ed. (1984)。莽汉:男子汉的诗是这样写的 [Macho Man: Men’s Poetry is Written Like This]。成都, 四川。(诗刊50页) ed. (1985)。现代诗内部交流资料 Modernists Federation [Modern Poetry Internal Exchange Materials]。成都,四川。(诗刊80页) (1986)。〈给邵氏姐妹的十一首诗:芭蕾;纯粹的人;彼女;给你一条不 朽的生命;女孩和马;捡瓷片的手;一个诗人的基本服饰;脸 相;诗人无饭;圣女之夜;渡湖〉[Eleven Poems for the Shao Sisters: Ballet; A Person of Purity; That Woman; Give Me a Life of Immortality; Girls and Horses; A Hand Gathering Shards of Porcelain; The Essential Dress of a Poet; Facial Looks; No Food for Poets; A Night of Saintly Women; Lake-Crossing]。成都, 四 川。(个人诗集) (1988I)。〈关于词语的五首诗:词,内心;黑白子;本质;渡光阴的人; 词,房子;词,刀锋〉[Five Poems on Words: Words, The Heart; The Black and White; True Nature; A Person Passing Through Time; Words, The House; Words, A Knife Blade]。成都, 四 川。(个人诗集) (1988II)。〈给张敏的四首诗:月落(5首);手;生命中不能承受的轻 (4首);鬼(5首)〉[Four Poems for Zhang Min: Moon Set; Hands; The Unbearable Lightness of Being; Ghosts]。成都, 四 川。(个人诗集) Wan Xia 万夏, Shi Guanghua 石光华, Liu Taiheng 刘太亨, Song Qu 宋渠, Song Wei 宋炜, Zhang Yu 张渝 ed. (1986)。汉诗: 二十世纪编年史—一九八六 (第1期)[Han Poetry: A Chronicle of the 20th Century 1986]。成 都,四川。(诗刊120页) Wan Xia 万夏, Shi Guanghua 石光华, Liu Taiheng 刘太亨, Song Qu 宋渠, Song Wei 宋炜, Zhang Yu 张渝 ed. (1988)。汉诗: 二十世纪编年史1987-1988 (第2期)[Han Poetry: A Chronicle of the 20th Century 1987- 1988]。成都,四川。(诗刊132页) Xi Yabing 席亚兵 (2002I)。〈孙文波诗歌人格气质散论〉[Comments about Human Nature in Sun Wenbo’s Poetry]。北京:新诗New Poetry 2003年3月创刊 号。(文论) (2002II)。〈印象与臆解〉[Impressions and Subjective Explanations](评论 肖开愚)[Critique of Xiao Kaiyu]。北京:新诗 New Poetry 2003年8月第2辑。(文论) Xiang Yixian向以鲜 (1990)。〈人们的梦〉[Dreams of People]。南京:思无邪:89年现代诗歌 运动,1990。(诗歌) Xiao An 小安 (1988)。〈采独叶草去〉[Let’s Go Pick Single-Bladed Grass]。南京:87年 现代诗歌运动:交流资料之一,1988。(诗歌) Xiao He 晓禾 (1988)。〈他:痛苦的寻找着自己 – 青年诗人雨田印象〉[He: Painfully Looking for Himself – Impressions of the Young Poet Yu Tian]。 绵阳,四川。(文论手稿) Xiao Kaiyu 肖开愚 (1987)。〈水(5首)〉[Water]。四川。(组诗手稿) (1988I )。〈廖亦武在诗歌中〉[Liao Yiwu in Poetry]。中江,四川。(文 论手稿34页) (1988II)。〈汉人〉[The Han People]。中江,四川。(诗歌手稿) (1988III)。〈汉人;强盗;为一个字的海岸;我走过南方;母语;谣曲; 花前月下;雨夜作;帝;空;即景;晨光中的农妇;南山; 父;为龙宅一:工作;为龙宅二;龙宅;侠客;情诗(组 诗);1987年春,自成都返中江,在刘家河坝读《五灯会 元》;泰(组诗)〉[The Han People; The Bandit; A Seashore for a Chinese Character; I’ve Been Through the South; Mother Language; A Ballad; Before the Flowers Beneath the Moon; Work on a Rainy Night; The Emperor; Extempore; A Farmer Wife in the Dawn Sunlight; South Mountain; Father; For the Dragon Home No. 1; Work; For the Dragon Home No. 2; The Dragon Home; Knight Errant; Love Poems; Spring 1987, Returning to Zhongjiang from Chengdu, Reading at the Liujia River Dam; The Great]。中江,四川。(诗歌手稿) (1988IV)。〈谋杀〉[Murder]。中江,四川。(短篇小说手稿) Xiao Kaiyu 肖开愚 (1988V)。〈墓地(组诗10首)〉[The Graveyard]。中江,四川。(诗歌 手稿) (1988VI)。〈诗第228;收藏品;诉说(十二);被涂改的女人;死亡之 诗(十一);马拉美的皇后〉[Poem No. 228; Collectables; The Telling; The Altered Woman; Poems on Death; The Empress of Mallarme]。中江,四川。(诗歌手稿) (1988VII)。〈中国第二诗界〉[China’s Second World of Poetry]。四川。 (文论手稿62页) (1990I)。〈李小红的爱情〉[The Love of Li Xiaohong]。北京:现代汉诗 1994秋冬总第10期。(诗歌) (1990II)。〈三种时间里的英雄〉[A Hero in Three Types of Time]。上海: 倾向1990总第2期。(散文) ed. (1990-1991)。反对 [Against](总13期)。成都,四川。(诗刊) (1991I)。〈通达街31号;盲人的手杖;晚餐〉(1986)[No. 31 Tongda Street; The Walking Stick of the Blind; Dinner]。北京:现代汉诗 1991春总第1期。(诗歌) (1991II)。〈转瞬;呼声〉[In a Flash; A Shout]。北京:现代汉诗 1991冬 总第4期。(诗歌) (1991III)。〈北望的歌谣:昆虫;西风;城堡;下雨;庄园;孩子;早 晨;小夜曲;公牛〉[The Ballad of Beiwang; Beetles; The West Wind; Falling Rain; A Villa Courtyard; A Child; Morning; A Lullaby; A Bull]。上海:倾向1991总第3期。(组诗) (1992)。〈一位持怀疑论的诗人〉[A Skeptical Poet]。北京:现代汉诗 1992秋冬总第6期。(散文) (1993I)。〈传奇诗〉[A Romance Poem]。北京:现代汉诗 1993春夏总第7 期。(诗歌) (1993II)。〈传奇诗〉[A Romance Poem]。杭州:北回归线总第3期, 1993。(诗歌) (1994)。〈精神科;照片;祖国女郎;梦见钟子期;另外的诗〉[The Psychic Department; Photographs; Maidens of the Ancestral Land; Dreaming of the Time of Bells; A Different Poem]。北京:现代汉 诗1994春夏总第9期。(诗歌) Xiao Kaiyu 肖开愚, Li Yawei 李亚伟, Liao Yiwu 廖亦武(1988)。〈给当代诗坛一 耳光〉[Taking a Slap at the Contemporary Poetry Scene]。四川。 (文论5页) Xiao Kaiyu 肖开愚, Sun Wenbo 孙文波ed. (1989-1992)。九十年代 [The Nineties] (总4期)。成都—上海。(诗刊) Xiaoxiao 潇潇 (1990)。〈等候;冬天〉[Waiting; Winter]。北京:现代汉诗 1991春总第1 期。(诗歌) Xiaoyin晓音 ed.(1988-1994)女子诗报 [The Woman’s Poetry Paper]。西昌,四川。(诗刊, 总4期) Yang Li 杨黎 (1986)。〈看水的男人;看水去;中国鱼〉[The Man Watching Water; Going to See the Water; China Fish]。上海:大陆 1986总第2 期。(诗歌) (1988I)。〈撒哈拉沙漠上的三张纸牌;英语学习〉[Three Playing Cards Scattered on the Sahara Desert; Studying English]。南京:他们 1988总第5期。(诗歌) (1988II)。〈动作〉[Movement]。 成都,四川。(油印诗7页) (1990)。〈红灯亮了;少女二〉[The Red Light is Lit; Girl No. 2]。南京:思 无邪:89年现代诗歌运动,交流资料之二,1990。(诗歌) (1991)。〈少女十四行;死亡十四行;阳光十四行〉[A Sonnet on Girls; A Sonnet on Death; A Sonnet of the Sun]。北京:现代汉诗1991夏 总第2期。(诗歌) Yang Li 杨黎, Zhou Lunyou 周伦佑, Shang Zhongmin 尚仲敏, Lan Ma蓝马 (1988)。〈第三代:对混乱的澄清〉[Third Generation Poetry: A Clarification of Chaos]。成都:四川。(油印对话8页) Yang Li 杨黎, He Xiaozhu 何小竹, Lan Ma 蓝马, Shang Zhongmin 尚仲敏, Li Xiaobin 李晓彬, ed. (1990,1991)。非非诗歌稿件集 [The Not-Not Poetry Manuscript Collection]。成都,四川。(诗刊140页) Yang Ran杨然 (1987)。〈生命惶惑曲:投奔土地;惶惑;安魂曲〉[A Song on the Alarming Perplexity of Life: Escape to the Land; Perplexed; Requiem]。石家庄,青年诗友同盟会:力作抗衡 试刊1号, 1987。(组诗) Yang Shunli 杨顺礼, Lei Mingchu 雷鸣雏, ed. (1985)。中国当代实验诗歌 [Chinese Contemporary Experimental Poetry]。 涪陵,四川。 (诗刊80页) Yu Tian 雨田 (1987)。〈自然之自然定律〉[The Natural Laws of Nature]。石家庄,青年 诗友同盟会:力作抗衡 试刊1号,1987。(诗歌) (1988I)。〈城里城外:妓女及其它;谋杀;老者言辞;魔鬼舞;情人之 死〉[Inside the City and Out; Prostitutes and Other Matters; Murder; The Words of an Elder; Dance of the Devil; The Death of a Lover]。绵阳,四川。(组诗手稿) (1988II)。〈静木(静辞第二部):另一种预感;孤独片断之一;一个男 人的问题;并非手记或者村庄和死亡;空屋结构〉[Quiet Wood (Part 2 of ); A Different Premonition; A Passage of Being Alone; A Man’s Problem; Not a Handwritten Note or the Village and Death; The composition of an Empty Room]。广元,四川。(组诗手稿) Yu Tian 雨田 (1988III)。〈女皇山庄 – 1988年6月13日星期一或者受到绵阳的来信: 谁;关于红鸟;一走进山庄我说我是人;黄昏 给朋友读诗我 实在感到无聊;女皇山庄之夜;所触;落雨时刻;走过干道 我不是为了逃避;临行前想到的事 一二三〉[The Empress’ Mountain Villa – Monday 13 June 1988 or Receiving a Letter from Mianyang: Who; About Red Birds; As Soon as I Walked into the Mountain Villa I Say I’m a Person; Dusk I Feel Reading Poems to Friends is Boring; Nights at the Empress’ Mountain Villa; Things Thought of Before Departure 1, 2, 3]。广元,四 川。(组诗手稿) (1988IV)。〈血歌:剑门关;天长地久;巴山人;孤独者;独眼〉[Songs of Blood: The Sword Gate Pass; The Sky Long The Earth Old; Ba Mountain People; The Loner; The Single Eye]。绵阳,四川。 (组诗手稿) (1991)。〈最初的界域;内向或一种体验;一只鸟从头上飞过〉[The Initial Border Regions; Introversion or a Physical Experience; A Bird Flies Overhead]。北京:现代汉诗 1992秋冬总第6期。 (诗歌) Zhai Yongming 翟永明 (1985I)。〈黑夜的意识〉[The Consciousness of Black Night](文论)。女 人 [Woman](组诗20首)第一部:预感;臆想;瞬间;荒 屋;渴望。第二部:母亲;世界;夜境;憧 憬;噩梦。第三 部:独白;证明;边缘;七月;秋天。第四部:旋转;人生; 沉默;生命;结束。[Part 1: A Premonition; Phantasm; An Instant; The Desolate Room; Desire. 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D.]。杭州:北回归线 1993年。(诗歌) (1994I)。〈莉莉和琼(叙事组诗)〉[Lily and Joan]。北京:现代汉诗 1994春夏总第9期。(诗歌) (1994II)。〈关于不可能的爱情:回忆与时间(外二首)〉[On Impossible Love: Memories and Time]。北京:现代汉诗 1994秋冬总第10 期。(诗歌) Zhang Zao 张枣 (1988)。〈惜别莫尼卡;第六种办法;灯心绒幸福的舞蹈;苍蝇;楚王梦 雨;早晨的风暴〉[A Reluctant Parting with Monica; The Sixth Way; The Happy Dance of Corduroy; A Fly; The King of Chu Dreams of Rain; A Storm at Dawn]。北京:倾向 1988总第1 期。(诗歌) Zhao Ye 赵野 (1991)。〈雨季〉[The Rainy Season]。北京:现代汉诗 1991春总第1期。 (诗歌) Zheng Danyi 郑单衣 (1991I)。〈伪装的幸福;我已从悲伤中逃脱;黑草莓〉[Feigned Happiness; I’ve Already Broken Free of Sorrow; Black Strawberries]。北 京:现代汉诗 1991夏总第2期。(诗歌) (1991II)。〈致秋天;玫瑰或火焰的房子;而且,整整一个下午被哭泣 掉〉[To Autumn; Roses or a House of Flames; And the Whole Afternoon has been Cried Away]。北京:现代汉诗 1991冬总第 4期。(诗歌) (1991III)。〈三只苹果的秋天;哭泣〉[The Autumn of Three Apples; Sobs]。贵阳:大骚动 1991,第1期。(诗歌) (1992)。〈青春;如果你是玫瑰;萨克斯与其吹奏者;在一个夏天,在一 个夏天;致秋天;挽歌〉(1989)[Youth; If You Were a Rose; A Sax and it’s Blower; One Summer, One Summer; To Autumn; Funeral Song]。北京:现代汉诗 1992春夏总第5期。(诗歌) Zhong Ming 钟鸣 ed.(1982)。次生林 [The Born-Again Forest]。成都,四川。(诗刊107页) ed.(1989-1992)。象罔 [Image Puzzle](总12期)。成都,四川。(诗歌, 艺 术刊物) (1990I)。〈湖边的书库(1974。镜泊)〉[A Book Depository by a Lake]。 南京:思无邪:89年现代诗歌运动,1990。(诗歌) (1990II)。〈中间地带〉[Intermediary Zone]。上海:倾向1990总第2期。 (散文) Zhong Ming 钟鸣 (1991)。〈断齿三章〉[Three Poems on Broken Teeth]。北京:现代汉诗 1991春总第1期。(诗歌) (1992)。〈遥远的星光;轩;奥菲利亚;火炉;击壤歌〉[Distant Starlight; The Veranda; Ophelia; A Stove; Song of Border Strikes]。北京: 现代汉诗 1992秋冬总第6期。(诗歌) (1993)。〈羽林郎;鸟卜;玉面〉[An Armed Escort; The Augury of a Bird; The Face of Jade]。杭州:北回归线 1993年总第3期。(诗 歌) Zhong Shan 钟山 (1991)。〈玫瑰〉[Roses]。贵阳:大骚动,1991总第1期。(诗歌) Zhong Shan钟山 & Fu Wei 傅维 ed. 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